Seaton Street (adjoining Cremorne Road)

Seaton Street is one of the lost streets of Chelsea, but certainly not forgotten.

It was erased and eliminated from the map of Chelsea in the World’s End Development of the early 1970s. Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council began compulsory purchasing properties it did not own in 1967 to achieve this objective.

If you put Seaton Street into the search engine of Google Maps, nothing will emerge.

Yet the slideshow above showing maps in 1900, 1913 and 1951 clearly indicates a densely populated residential street of terraced houses and shops running from Blantyre Street to the junction of Cheyne Walk and Cremorne Road.

At the northern end of Seaton Street you could look left and see the World’s End Tavern.

At the southern end you would be able to look out over the River Thames. On your right would be the famous Cremorne Arms pub and the Kensington Vestry Wharf and then the chimneys of the Lots Road Power Station.

Images from the 1920s of the famous Cremorne Arms pub almost directly opposite the site of the bombing of Cremorne Road and Seaton Street on 14th October 1940. The photograph with the handwritten sign outside advertising its availability for ‘Cars and Charabanc Parties’ is from the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce Official Handbook for 1928 and the photograph with customers and staff (one with a bicycle) courtesy of Malachy John McCauley from a postcard he acquired. The pub was badly damaged in the explosion and never recovered to continue trading after WW2.

On your left would be the Chelsea Embankment, Cheyne Walk and Battersea Bridge.

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