Journalism History Thursday 3rd November 2022

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Thursday 3rd November 2022.

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Times: ‘Sunak prepares big tax grab from energy firms’, FT: ‘Israel’s choice. Netanyahu set for comeback’, Guardian: ‘Home Office abandoned Manston asylum seekers’, & Telegraph: ‘Bank set for biggest rate rise since Black Wednesday.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Mirror: ‘Hancock farce exclusive. Lies, Camera, Action’, Star: ‘Campaign to make ex-clown do every trial. Vote Coco’, Sun: BBC cover up Fleur’s Strictly tumble’, & Metro: ‘”That’s our boy! Little asylum lad on our front page spotted by family”‘

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Mail: ‘One in six of us born overseas’ Express: ‘Suella eyes up three more countries to send migrants’ Evening Standard: ‘Accused Met cops are still on duty’, & i: ‘Home Office leaves coach of migrants at train station in “major error.”‘

Celebration of the history of photojournalism. Photographic portrait of a man called Witherspoon by US George Bain news agency early 20th century has him enjoying what in England would be called ‘High Tea.’

‘Witherspoon’ is the only caption for this photographic portrait by Bain News Agency from early 20th century. US Library of Congress LC-DIG-ggbain-50273. No known restrictions.

Review of world papers. Jerusalem Post: ‘Talks begin as Netanyahu set for victory’, Global Times: ‘China-Pakistan ironclad friendship further consolidated’, Times of India: ‘Co made temp repairs in ’20, kept rickety Morbi bridge open til ’22’, & Star South Africa.

Style Tips. Economist guide on ‘interesting. Like important and funny, interesting makes assumption about the word or words it describes that may not be shared by the reader. Facts and stories introduced as interesting often turn out to be something else.’

Media Law Tips. BBC Executive Complaints Unit decided ‘Have I Got News For Boris’ 2nd September did not breach impartiality. See:…/have-i-got-news-for-boris-bbc-one-2… Rejected complaint special programme biased against, and/or contained profanity directed at, Mr Johnson.

Guardian feature: “‘It’s better to go down fighting’: the extraordinary life of murdered journalist Lyra McKee.” See:

‘Consultation promised in Pakistan to journalists regarding any amendment imposing 7-year imprisonment for those spreading hateful content on social media.’ See: &

‘The BBC says it will exit Wogan House – home of Radio 2 and Bridge House in MediaCity, Salford.’ See: &

‘Editors of the Indian media outlet The Wire have been raided by Delhi Police after complaints about a report it published had used falsified documents.’ See: &

North American Newspapers 3rd November 2022

‘Former editor-in-chief Chung Pui-kuen & former acting chief editor Patrick Lam of Stand News have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to publish “seditious publications” in Hong Kong.’ See: &

CBS News announces the closure of the public broadcaster’s China bureau, citing its inability to secure visas for its journalists from the Chinese government to work there.’ See: &

Press Gazette reports: ‘Most popular news apps in the UK: Apple News more popular than BBC.’ See:

French Newspapers 3rd November 2022

Press Gazette reports: ‘Forbes in the metaverse: Why business mag has built a party boat in Sandbox virtual world.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A survey commissioned by Newsworks to mark Journalism Matters week has found 6 in 10 people agreed the crisis would be “much worse” without a free press because there would be no pressure on big businesses to keep costs down.’ See:

HTFP reports: ‘Lennie Pennie, who writes for Glasgow-based daily The Herald, has opened up about the misogyny she faces in her work after receiving one particular comment describing her as an “immature little girl.”’ See:

Montage of world newspapers 3rd November 2022

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