Journalism History for Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Review of UK and world papers and coverage of UK and global journalism stories for Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Journalism is the first draft of history and these daily reports seek to provide an online briefing of the history of journalism for each day featured.

The Chartered Institute of Journalists remembers all the professional journalists and media workers murdered and killed while doing their work this year in all parts of the world and remember the immense sacrifice of those who gave their lives to the profession in the past. We send our condolences to their families, friends and professional colleagues.

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Sky News Press Preview: Wednesday’s newspapers. Front pages for 22nd March2023. See:
New York Times reports: ‘Fox and Dominion Urge Judge to Rule on Case. At the start of a pretrial hearing for the $1.6 billion defamation trial, the judge said he was still weighing whether to issue a summary judgment.’ See:

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Some staff at Australia’s national broadcaster The ABC have taken industrial action despite being offered a backdated 11 per cent pay rise over three years and $1500 lump sum. See:
Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna had to take time out from her live reporting after her son walked out of a school which she was covering after two staff were shot and injured. See:

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The Chartered Institute of Journalists calls on China to release Australian broadcaster Cheng Lei from detention which now stands at 951 days since 13th August 2020 See: The Institute also calls on Belarus to pardon and release Sofia Sapega from her 6 year jail sentence and to release her journalism friend Roman Protasevich. See: Both were seized unlawfully from an internatonal Ryanair flight diverted to Minsk 23rd May 2021. Their ordeal is now 668 days. The CIoJ calls on all governments and states unjustly detaining journalists for doing their professional work to respect freedom of expression, the right to liberty and freed them immediately. See:

North American Newspapers Wednesday 22nd March 2023

French Newspapers Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Montage of world newspapers Wednesday 22nd March 2023

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