Giles Cooper Award Winning Scripts

Writing Audio Drama by Tim Crook published by Routledge 31st March 2023

Book Description

Writing Audio Drama offers a comprehensive and intelligent guide to writing sound drama for broadcasting and online. This book uses original research on the history of writing radio plays in the UK and USA to explore how this has informed and developed the art form for more than 100 years.

Audio drama in the context of podcasting is now experiencing a global and exponential expansion. Through analysis of examples of past and present writing, the author explains how to create drama which can explore deeply psychological and intimate themes and achieve emotional, truthful, entertaining and thought-provoking impact. Practical analysis of the key factors required to write successful audio drama is covered in chapters focusing on audio play beginnings and openings, sound story dialogue, sustaining the sound story, plotting for sound drama, and the best ways of ending audio plays. Chapters are supported by online resources which expand visually on subjects discussed and point to exemplar sound dramas referenced in the chapters.

This textbook will be an important resource for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses such as Podcasting, Radio, Audio Drama, Scriptwriting, and Media Writing.

Giles Cooper Award winners

Best Radio Plays of 1978

Richard Harris: Is it Something I Said?

Don Haworth: Episode on a Thursday Evening

Jill Hyem: Remember Me

Tom Mallin: Halt! Who Goes There?

Jennifer Phillips: Daughters of Men

Fay Weldon: Polaris

Best Radio Plays of 1979

Shirley Gee: Typhoid Mary

Carey Harrison: I Never Killed my German

Barrie Keeffe: Heaven Scent

John Kirkmorris: Coxcomb

John Peacock: Attard in Retirement

Olwen Wymark: The Child

Best Radio Plays of 1980

Steward Parkeer: The Kamikaze Ground staff Reunion Dinner

Martyn Read: Waving to a Train

Peter Redgrove: Martyr of the Hives

William Trevor: Beyond the Pale

Best Radio Plays of 1981

Peter Barnes: The Jumping Mimuses of Byzantium

Don Haworth: Talk of Love and War

Harold Pinter: Family Voices

David Pownall: Beef

J. P. Rooney: The Dead Image

Paul Thain: The Biggest Sandcastle in the World

Best Radio Plays of 1982

Rhys Adrian: Watching the Plays Together

John Arden: The Old Man Sleeps Alone

Harry Barton: Hoopoe Day

Donald Chapman: Invisible Writing

Tom Stoppard: The Dog it was that Died

William Trevor: Autumn Sunshine

Best Radio Plays of 1983

Wally K. Daly: Time Slip

Shirley Gee: Never in my Lifetime

Gerry Jones: The Angels They Grow Lonely

Steve May: No Exceptions

Martyn Read: Scouting for Boys

Best Radio Plays of 1984

Stephen Dunstone: Who is Sylvia?

Robert Ferguson: Transfigured Night

Don Haworth: Daybreak

Caryl Phillips: The Wasted Years

Christopher Russell: Swimmer

Rose Tremain: Temporary Shelter

Best Radio Plays of 1985

Rhys Adrian: Outpatient

Barry Collins: King Canute

Martin Crimp: Three Attempted Acts

David Pownall: Ploughboy Monday

James Saunders: Menocchio

Michael Wall: Hiroshima: The Movie

Best Radio Plays of 1986

Robert Ferguson: Dreams, Secrets, Beautiful Lies

Christina Reid: The Last of a Dyin’ Race

Andrew Rissik: A Man Alone: Anthony

Ken Whitmore: The Gingerbread House

Valerie Windsor: Myths and Legacies

Best Radio Plays of 1987

Wally K. Daly: Mary’s

Frank Dunne: Dreams of Dublin Bay

Anna Fox: Nobby’s Day

Nigel D.Moffat: Lifetime

Richard Nelson: Languages Spoken Here

Peter Tinniswood: The Village Fete

Best Radio Plays of 1988

Ken Blakeson: Excess Baggage

Terence Frisby: Just Remembeer Two Things: It’s Not Fair and Don’t Be Late

Anthony Minghella: Cigarettes and Chocolate

Rona Munro: The Dirt under the Carpet

Dave Sheasby: Apple Blossom Afternoons

Best Radio Plays of 1989

Elizabeth Baines: The Baby Buggy

Jennifer Johnston: O Ananias, Azarias and Misael

David Zane Mairowitz: The Stalin Sonata

Richard Nelson: Eating Words

Craig Warner: By Where the Old Shed Used to Be

Best Radio Plays of 1990

Tony Bagley: The Machine

David Cregan: A butler Did It

John Fletcher:Death and the Tango

Tina Pepler: Song of the Forest

Steve Walker: The Pope’s Brother

Best Radio Plays of 1991

Robin Glendinning: The Words are Strange

John Purser: Carver

Tom Stoppard: In the Native State

Steve Walker: Mickey Mookey

Craig Warner: Figure with Meat

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