Giles Cooper Award Winning Scripts

Giles Cooper Award winners

Best Radio Plays of 1978

Richard Harris: Is it Something I Said?

Don Haworth: Episode on a Thursday Evening

Jill Hyem: Remember Me

Tom Mallin: Halt! Who Goes There?

Jennifer Phillips: Daughters of Men

Fay Weldon: Polaris

Best Radio Plays of 1979

Shirley Gee: Typhoid Mary

Carey Harrison: I Never Killed my German

Barrie Keeffe: Heaven Scent

John Kirkmorris: Coxcomb

John Peacock: Attard in Retirement

Olwen Wymark: The Child

Best Radio Plays of 1980

Steward Parkeer: The Kamikaze Ground staff Reunion Dinner

Martyn Read: Waving to a Train

Peter Redgrove: Martyr of the Hives

William Trevor: Beyond the Pale

Best Radio Plays of 1981

Peter Barnes: The Jumping Mimuses of Byzantium

Don Haworth: Talk of Love and War

Harold Pinter: Family Voices

David Pownall: Beef

J. P. Rooney: The Dead Image

Paul Thain: The Biggest Sandcastle in the World

Best Radio Plays of 1982

Rhys Adrian: Watching the Plays Together

John Arden: The Old Man Sleeps Alone

Harry Barton: Hoopoe Day

Donald Chapman: Invisible Writing

Tom Stoppard: The Dog it was that Died

William Trevor: Autumn Sunshine

Best Radio Plays of 1983

Wally K. Daly: Time Slip

Shirley Gee: Never in my Lifetime

Gerry Jones: The Angels They Grow Lonely

Steve May: No Exceptions

Martyn Read: Scouting for Boys

Best Radio Plays of 1984

Stephen Dunstone: Who is Sylvia?

Robert Ferguson: Transfigured Night

Don Haworth: Daybreak

Caryl Phillips: The Wasted Years

Christopher Russell: Swimmer

Rose Tremain: Temporary Shelter

Best Radio Plays of 1985

Rhys Adrian: Outpatient

Barry Collins: King Canute

Martin Crimp: Three Attempted Acts

David Pownall: Ploughboy Monday

James Saunders: Menocchio

Michael Wall: Hiroshima: The Movie

Best Radio Plays of 1986

Robert Ferguson: Dreams, Secrets, Beautiful Lies

Christina Reid: The Last of a Dyin’ Race

Andrew Rissik: A Man Alone: Anthony

Ken Whitmore: The Gingerbread House

Valerie Windsor: Myths and Legacies

Best Radio Plays of 1987

Wally K. Daly: Mary’s

Frank Dunne: Dreams of Dublin Bay

Anna Fox: Nobby’s Day

Nigel D.Moffat: Lifetime

Richard Nelson: Languages Spoken Here

Peter Tinniswood: The Village Fete

Best Radio Plays of 1988

Ken Blakeson: Excess Baggage

Terence Frisby: Just Remembeer Two Things: It’s Not Fair and Don’t Be Late

Anthony Minghella: Cigarettes and Chocolate

Rona Munro: The Dirt under the Carpet

Dave Sheasby: Apple Blossom Afternoons

Best Radio Plays of 1989

Elizabeth Baines: The Baby Buggy

Jennifer Johnston: O Ananias, Azarias and Misael

David Zane Mairowitz: The Stalin Sonata

Richard Nelson: Eating Words

Craig Warner: By Where the Old Shed Used to Be

Best Radio Plays of 1990

Tony Bagley: The Machine

David Cregan: A butler Did It

John Fletcher:Death and the Tango

Tina Pepler: Song of the Forest

Steve Walker: The Pope’s Brother

Best Radio Plays of 1991

Robin Glendinning: The Words are Strange

John Purser: Carver

Tom Stoppard: In the Native State

Steve Walker: Mickey Mookey

Craig Warner: Figure with Meat

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