Additions and updates for Chapter 8 Sustaining the Sound Story 

Updates and additions for Chapter 8 ‘Sustaining the Sound Story’ in Writing Audio Drama by Tim Crook published by Routledge in 2023.

This chapter reprises the developing techniques, devices and conventions of sustaining listening commitment to sound dramas.

What can be learned from the ‘great’ writing in the visual drama media?

Significant focus is made on ironic transposition- a concept developed by the author as an enduring method of involving the listening audience in the emotional, political, cultural and humanitarian dimension of dramatic understanding, identification and sympathy with plot and characterization.

Does the listening medium require an embedding of climactic resolution, mystery and intensity within a specific linear time unit?

The author suggests a five minute frame and explores how this can be achieved.

How can sound transitions between scenes enhance and advance the exposition of audio drama plotting and storytelling?

The author identifies models from film and theatre, as well as the audio drama genre.

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