Journalism History Thursday 13th October 2022

Daily review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Thursday 13th October 2022.

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Guardian: ‘Truss faces new peril as Tories go on attack over economy’ Times: ‘Parties told to improve the calibre of new peers’ Telegraph: ‘Coronation row looms over crown for Queen’ & FT: ‘Tory pressure to rewrite unfunded tax-cut plans.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Express: Angry Tories attack bank chief’s “stupid move,”‘ Evening Standard: ‘Wallace- now Putin knows he’s no longer invincible’, Mail: ‘Could Camilla have to swap her crown? & i: ‘Tories in open revolt against PM.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids Star: ‘Thought you were having a few relationship issues? Cost of loathing crisis’, Sun: ‘Strictly Helen’s new heartache’, Mirror: ‘Truss told to see sense. U-Turn or you go’, & Metro: ‘Blue wall falls.’

Review of world papers. Jerusalem Post: ‘Lapid. Lebanon deal staves off war with Hezbollah’, Hindu: ‘Inflation accelerates to 7.41% highest since April’, Le Monde: ‘Threats to global financial stability’, & New York Times International: ‘Netherlands turning tides.’

Appreciation of photojournalism history. It’s May 1918 & George Bain New Agency photographs a display of Kaiser’s coffin with sign reading “The Kaiser’s coffin come in and help bury the Beast of Berlin.” Propaganda in New York City during WWI.

‘The Kaiser’s Coffin- Come in and help bury the Beast of Berlin.’ Propaganda stand in New York City May 1918- the last year of World War One. Image Library of Congress LC-DIG-ggbain-26914 Public Domain

Style Tips. Wynford Hicks in his ‘English for Journalists’ had excellent section on commonly misspelt words: Caribbean, diarrhoea, desiccated, corroborate, corpuscle, acquiescence, benefited, bureaucracy, abhorrence, noticeable, dignitary, pursue, hygiene…

Media Law Tips. Connecticut state Jury awards nearly $1 billion damages to Sandy Hook families in Alex Jones case.…/alex-jones-sandy…/index.html UK defamation legislation means libel cases are tried by judges. Right to jury trial in USA is a constitutional right.

‘Meta and The Wire, a major Indian nonprofit news website, is having an extraordinary row over whether articles are fake news.’ See: &

‘Las Vegas police, prosecutors & defense attorneys must wait to access slain investigative journalist Jeff German’s cellphone and electronic devices.’ See: &

Guardian reports: “Gary Lineker found in breach of BBC guidelines with Tory donors tweet. Presenter asked Liz Truss in February if party would ‘hand back donations from Russian donors.’” See:

Guardian reports: ‘BBC guilty of ‘unacceptable’ lack of support for women in DJ stalking case, says MP.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Michael Gove lined up to become presenter on News UK’s Times Radio. MP and former minister may also write articles for the Times newspaper, according to sources.’ See:

Guardian reports: “Channel 4 buys painting by Hitler – and may let Jimmy Carr destroy it. Ian Katz says new show celebrates the channel’s tradition of ‘iconoclasm and irreverence.'” See:

Associated Press and Guardian report: “Jamaica broadcasting regulator bans music and TV deemed to glorify crime. Musicians criticise ban that includes ‘urban slang’ to do with making money or acquiring wealth.” See:

Guardian feature: ‘ Mags power! Booze and fisticuffs with the music press – in pictures. Press ups … David Bowie on the cover of the Face, plus Rolling Stone, Rave, Smash Hits and Creem.’ See:

Jacqui Hames writes for the Guardian: ‘Panicky, scared and unsure who to trust: that’s how being phone hacked makes you feel.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Long-serving Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman leaves for Sunday Times. Freeman, who joined The Guardian in 2000, currently serves as a columnist and features writer for the paper.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Health, restaurants and the neighbouring New York Times: How Newsday topped 50k digital subscriptions.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Nearly 1,000 news industry jobs cut in UK, US and Ireland since June. Of 830 editorial job losses tracked by Press Gazette in 2022 so far, 739 (89%) have occurred since the end of June.’ See:

‘An editorial chief has hailed the “newsroom stars of the future” in a scheme linked to an apprenticeship drive. Newsquest has presented awards to school pupils who have taken part in its annual Young Reporter Scheme.’ See:

‘Reach plc has announced the creation of three new jobs across its Oxfordshire Live and Surrey Live websites, as well as a new content editor role at Dorset Live.’ See:

‘An award-winning student newspaper has celebrated 90 years in publication. The Glasgow Guardian, the official student newspaper of the University of Glasgow, has marked nine decades.’ See:

‘A journalist who also ran a nightclub with a newspaper-themed name has died suddenly aged 68. Tributes have been paid to Martin Lawson, who was known for his work both in Cumbria and for national publications.’ See:

‘The five most complained about regional news titles in 2021 were all cleared of any wrongdoing after having to deal with almost 200 complaints between them, an IPSO annual report has revealed.’ See:

Regional journalists have opened up about the financial struggles they face amid concerns reporters may soon turn to food banks to survive.’ See:

Jewish Chronicle reports: ”Utterly sick’ Channel 4 plans to potentially destroy Hitler art slammed. An antisemitism campaign group says the show ‘risks disrespecting the memories’ of Holocaust survivors.’ See:

Jewish Chronicle reports: “Wes Streeting: play evokes ‘visceral’ memories of hate faced by friends under Corbyn. Labour shadow minister said seeing Hodge and Berger portrayed in ‘Jews. In Their Own Words’ left him feeling haunted.” See:‘visceral’-memories-of-hate-faced-by-friends-under-corbyn-1UqTpRVW0ps9BNZnZByAie?reloadTime=1665699095425

John Ware writes for the Jewish Chronicle: ‘Al Jazeera’s central allegation against my BBC programme can be easily debunked.’ See:’s-central-allegation-against-my-bbc-programme-can-be-easily-debunked-3atwSxmQHSIzL40DYm5c59?reloadTime=1665683711128

Arab News reports: ‘TikTok makes money off Syrian refugee livestreams, BBC investigation alleges. Families report getting only 30% of donations. Middlemen said to be working with TikTok-affiliated agencies.’ See:

Arab News and AFP report: ‘Google on Wednesday said it has allowed Donald Trump’s Truth Social app in its Play Store for Android devices — after receiving assurances the app would meet the platform’s standards for moderating harmful content.’ See:

Reuters and Arab News report: ‘Twitter Inc is reviewing its policies around permanently banning users, possibly bringing its content moderation in line with Elon Musk’s vision for the social media platform, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.’ See:

Susan Hattis Rolef writes for Jerusalem Post: The future of TV Channel 14 -opinion. Channel 14’s claim that its conduct is no different from that of channels 11, 12 and 13 is little more than feigned naivety.’ See:

Mail Online reports: “‘That’s pretty much b******s’: Channel 4 airs journalist’s foul-mouthed outburst about Jacob Rees-Mogg – and insists it was allowed under Ofcom rules.” See:

Montage of newspaper front pages from around the world 13th October 2022

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