Journalism History Friday 21st October 2022

Daily review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Friday 21st October 2022.

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Guardian: ‘The bitter end’, FT: ‘Truss quits after 44 days as PM’, Telegraph: ‘Boris Johnson tells Tories- I can save party from election wipeout’, & Times: ‘Johnson weighs return to power as Truss quits No 10.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Star: ‘Lettuce rejoice. Plucky Daily Star veg outlasts Lettuce Liz’, Sun: Bojo- I’ll be back’, Metro: ‘The worst PM we’ve ever had’, & Mirror: ‘The British people demand General Election now.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Yesterday’s Evening Standard: ‘Truss hit by open revolt’, Mail: ‘Boris v Rishi’, i: ‘Gone in 44 days’, & Express: ‘He couldn’t could he? Will Boris bounce back to No. 10?’

Review of world papers. Jerusalem Post: ‘Liz Truss quits after 6 chaotic weeks as PM’, WSJ: ‘U.K’s Truss quits after 45 stormy days’, Hindu: ‘Truss announces exit- UK to get its 3rd PM in three months’, Business Day South Africa: ‘Truss falls on her sword.’

Celebration of photojournalism history. Canadian stage, screen actress, comedian, & early silent film/Depression-era film star Marie Dressler circa 1914- clearly with a sense of humour and overdoing the champagne.

Style Tips. Anna McKane describes ‘drop intro, delayed drop- a story where the most important point is left until the second or third paragraph, to make for a more colourful start to the story. Often used on quirky or funny stories. ‘

Media Law Tips. College of Policing guidance on relationships with the Media from 2013. See:…/2013/201305-cop-media-rels.pdf ‘..relationships with all media representatives [should be] professional, transparent and capable of withstanding scrutiny.’

Guardian review: ‘Henri Cartier-Bresson: new edition of French photographer’s work published.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘Thurrock Council has been ordered to reveal exactly how it borrowed & invested £1bn of taxpayers’ money after Freedom of Information fight by Gareth Davies, of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s The Bureau Local project.’ See:

North American newspapers 21st October 2022

‘Iranian American journalist Negar Mortazavi was scheduled to talk about women at the University of Chicago on Tuesday until a bomb threat arrived.’ See: &

‘Staff working on Reach plc website Gloucestershire Live are back with an office – but this one is at University of Gloucestershire which involves them mentoring journalism students.’ See &

An indication that the new Government in the Philippines is taking journalist safety more seriously comes in the aftermath of Lapid Fire Radio star’s Percival Mabasa assassination.’ See: &

French newspapers 21st October 2022

‘India’s competition authority CCI has imposed a fine of INR 13.4 billion on Google for abusing its dominant position in multiple markets in the Android Mobile device ecosystem.’ See: &

‘CIoJ members are invited to the AGM next week to discuss three motions as well as share ideas and issues with other journalists and broadcasters.’ See:

Montage of world newspapers 21st October 2022

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