Journalism History Sunday 23rd October 2022

Daily review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Sunday 23rd October 2022.

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Sunday Times: ‘Tory right spurns Johnson as Sunak support surges’ Independent: ‘Johnson told to prove he has support to fight on’, Observer: ‘90% of our schools will run out of cash- heads’, Telegraph: ‘Sunak & Johnson urged to strike deal.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. People: ‘Schools crippled by cost of chaos’, Sun: New race for Number 10 Deal or no deal’, Mirror: ‘Keir slams PM battle fiasco’, & Star: ‘It’s only rock and ghoul.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Sunday Express: ‘Boris is back!’ The Herald (Scotland) ‘The UK’s nightmare before Christmas’, and Mail on Sunday: ‘Will Boris and Rishi thrash out unity deal?’

Review of world papers. New York Times: ‘Taken by Russia, children become the spoils of war’ Sunday Times South Africa: ‘Nailing Jooste at last’ Sunday Times India: ‘Taxpayers resent money wasted on freebies- PM’ & Jerusalem Post: ‘Israeli man seriously wounded in stabbing.’

Celebration of the history of photojournalism. Dutch American cellist Johannes Hendrikus Philip “Hans” Kindler (1892-1949), founder of the National Symphony Orchestra, photographed 15 times by George Bain agency. Here exposures give him a halo.

Style Tips. Back in 1978 Washington Post Desk-book on style tried to take the ‘man’ out of role names & make them gender neutral- steward/stewardess to be replaced by flight attendant, cameraman by photographer, foreman by supervisor & fireman by firefighter.

Media Law Tips. IPSO rejects complaint by ‘Centre for Media Monitoring’ against Times over opinion article headlined “Iran is brazenly playing the West for suckers” See:…/ruling/… IPSO did not find a significant inaccuracy which required correction.

North American newspapers 23rd October 2022

‘Raihan M Chowdhury, senior news consultant at The Financial Express (FE), has died after suffering from liver cirrhosis.’ See: &

‘Pennsylvania man sentenced to nearly three years in prison for assaulting AP photographer John Minchillo & attacking police officers with a stun gun during U.S. Capitol riot.’ See: &

‘Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez says he would be open to amendments on C-18 bill he says would make Canada a world leader in supporting a modern free press.’ See: &

CIoJ Linkedin news by Liz Justice reports: ‘Channel 4 may be exploring the option that it is acquired by a non-profit trust as an alternative to a commercial privatisation.’ See: &

French newspapers 23rd October 2022

Mail Online reports: ‘Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie lost the sight in one eye, the use of a hand and suffered 15 wounds to his neck and body in ‘brutal’ knife attack during New York lecture.’ See:

Observer interview feature: “Neal Ascherson at 90: ‘Journalism was easier in my time. You had more time to think.’” See:

Montage world newspapers 23rd October 2022

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