Journalism History Tuesday 1st November 2022

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Tuesday 1st November 2022.

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Guardian: ‘Braverman increases the refugee rhetoric’, Times: ‘Public sector workers face 2% pay rise in bid to balance books’, FT: ‘Dream of UK battery champion dims’ & Telegraph: ‘Sweeping tax rises on “rough” road ahead.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Sun: ‘Netflix snubs plea by Prince. The Crown betrays Wills’, Mirror: ‘Braverman shambles. Inflammatory, irresponsible, incompetent..but still in a job’, Star: ‘Hothouse of Commons’, & Metro: ‘Migrants’ camp hell exposed. Welcome to the UK.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Last night’s Evening Standard: ‘Sunak opens door to COP27 U-turn’, Express: ‘Dire warning! Higher tax on the way’, Mail: Suella. Channel migrant crisis out of control’, & i: ‘Cabinet anger as Braverman fights for her political life.’

Review of world papers. New York Times: ‘Rejecting the madness of Bolsonaro’, Hindu: ‘Bridge collapse toll rises to 140, clock company under scanner’, Jerusalem Post: ‘Israel votes in fateful 5th election in 3 years’, & Star SA: ‘The game is up, Fraser tells Cyril.’

Celebration of photojournalism history. 19th June 1914, George Bain news agency photographer captures ‘Boxers Marty Cutler and Jack Johnson in ring, with Burns, referee(?)’.

19th June 1914 Boxers Marty Cutler and Jack Johnson in ring, with Burns, referee(?) George Bain news agency photograph. US Library of Congress LC-USZ6-1824 No known restrictions.

Style Tips. When late Sir Harold Evans wrote ‘A Guide to writing lively, lucid, and effective prose’ it was titled what would now be inappropriately ‘Newsman’s English.’ This was 1972- started with quotation by Edward Shanks referring to ‘him, his, & he.’

Media Law Tips. Channel Four & ITV News successfully defend libel case brought by Sir James Dyson. See: Won on preliminary issue that broadcast did not convey any meaning defamatory of him- ‘Applying the well-established principles.’

North American Newspapers 1st November 2022

‘Leona O’Neill witnessed the murder of Irish journalist Lyra McKee in 2019 and has co-edited a book dealing with trauma in the newsroom which is available on November 3.’ See: &

‘When I see news hailing that the BBC is set to create 131 new local news jobs, I also remember that will be a net loss of journalists working there.’ See: &

‘On October 25 two masked men attacked freelance journalist Zoran Bozinovski – author of political blog Burevesnik.’ See: &

‘Investigative journalist Pierre-Stéphane Fort has used undercover methods to film the living accommodation of migrant workers in Qatar just as football World Cup gets underway.’ See: &

‘CNBC journalist Deirdre Bosa was left red faced because of the pressures of 24 hour news and ….. wait for it …. the speed of Twitter.’ See: &

French Newspapers 1st November 2022

‘UN Security Council members highly critical of Belarus issuing a bomb threat to force passenger flight to stop in Minsk to arrest Roman Pratasevich & Sofia Sapega.’ See: &

‘The Delhi High Court on Tuesday issued a summons to Twitter in a case seeking the restoration of Indian journalist Abhijit Iyer-Mitra’s account.’ See: &

‘The NCTJ has launched a free e-course on safety and resilience in response to news that four in five UK journalists are worried about their safety while at work.’ See: &

‘On Tuesday, a Russian court fined the proprietor of Wikipedia two million roubles (around £28,000) for articles about Moscow’s offensive on its neighbour Ukraine.’ See: &

Guardian reports: ‘Indian police raid news site’s office over retracted article about BJP official. Homes of several editors of the Wire also raided after complaint about story based on falsified documents.’ See:

Guardian reports: “Rogue employee who hacked New York Post apologizes for ‘utmost betrayal.’ Miguel Gonzalez, 25, blames ‘my own stupidity’ for tantrum that led him to post fake sexist and racist headlines on paper’s website.” See:

Montage of world newspapers 1st November 2022

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