Journalism History Monday 7th November 2022

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Monday 7th November 2022.

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Telegraph: ‘Britain opens door to climate reparations’, FT: ‘US hatches plan for companies to pay for switch from fossil fuel energy’, Times: ‘Billions more spent in UK will count as foreign aid’, & Guardian: ‘Hunt plans £60bn of cuts.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Mirror: ‘Pic of Aussi OAP exact match for Lord Lucan’, Sun: ‘Rishi raps celeb Hancock’, Metro: ‘Bonfire night of mayhem’, & Star: ‘Coco’s pants on fire.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Express: ‘Keeping triple lock is a “matter of Tory principle”‘, Indy: ‘World still on target for 1.5C target insists Sunak’, Mail: ‘Red Ed- UK must pay climate change damages’, & i: ‘Biggest-ever nurses strike “would hit A&E patients.’

Review of world papers. Global Times: ‘COP27 kicks off in Egypt; rich nations’ commitment in focus’, Jerusalem Post: ‘Netanyahu meets with party leaders’, Business Day SA: ‘Private sector keen to fill the JET gap?’ & Times of India: ‘BJP wins key bypolls.’

Celebration of photojournalism history. Early 20th century Bain agency portrait of French playwright, librettist and journalist Marquis Robert de Flers (1872-1927) Met & befriended fellow student & writer Marcel Proust.

Marquis Robert de Flers, George Bain News Agency portrait, US Library of CongressLC-DIG-ggbain-38501. No known restrictions.

Style Tips . Bliss and Hoyt say ‘If you feel uneasy about any part of a story, if something doesn’t seem quite right, check it out. Your gut feeling is a true friend… This may be the most important tip.’

Media Law Tips . Carter Ruck solicitors:…/Shaima-Dallali-Press-Release… ‘Ms (Shaima) Dallali has repeatedly made clear her opposition to all forms of racism, including antisemitism, while continuing to campaign to denounce the plight of the Palestinian people.’

Guardian reports: ‘Majority of female journalists have been target of online violence – report. Chilling report highlights the link between gender-based digital threats and offline attacks.’ See:

Guardian obituary: ‘Eric Allison. Career criminal who went on to become the Guardian’s prisons correspondent and a campaigner for penal reform.’ See:

‘As PM Rishi Sunak is off to COP27 the UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt just have a thought to the rules which will apply to the 3,000 journalists who are cleared to attend.’ See: &

North American Newspapers 7th November 2022

‘A database leaked to Britain’s Sunday Times and Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveals hacking of journalists & others since 2019 allegedly commissioned by hosts of World Cup.’ See: &

‘Roger Mosey, ex-head of BBC Television News, said quiz shows and programmes about antiques and cookery are consuming the majority of daytime TV, at the expense of news output.’ See: &

‘Retired Justice Shakoor Paracha rules himself out of heading Judicial Commission (JC) set up for probe into the death in Kenya of Pakistani anchor and journalist Arshad Sharif.’ See: &

French Newspapers 7th November 2022

‘Hong Kong journalist Bao Choy has lost her appeal against conviction for using car registration database while making a television documentary on the 2019 protests.’ See: &

Philippine authorities file murder charges against top prisons official & aide who they accuse of masterminding the killing of radio commentator Percival Mabasa – Percy Lapid.’ See: &

Montage of newspaper front pages Monday 7th November 2022

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