Journalism History Sunday 29th January 2023

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Sunday 29th January 2023

Journalism is the first draft of history and these daily reports seek to provide an online briefing of the history of journalism for each day featured.

Review of UK papers Sun 29 Jan 2023. Broadsheets. Indy: ‘Probation crisis- victim killed every 3 days’, Observer: ‘Sunak “was warned about Zahawi tax risk”‘, Telegraph: ‘”Hospitals at home” plan to save NHS’, & Sunday Times: ‘Gove- we share the blame for Grenfell deaths.’

Review of UK papers Sun 29 Jan 2023. Tabloids. Mirror: ‘Top Tory’s Russian oil millions’, People: ‘Now it’s time for Charles’ truth’, Star: ‘A pain in the bun- Dumpin ‘ donut on its way’, & Sun: ‘Strictly stars in 3 am bottle bust-up.’

Review of UK papers Sun 29 Jan 2023. Middle Markets. Herald in Scotland: ‘Activists call for trans-only prisons to house sexual and violent offenders’, Sunday Express: ‘Rishi at war over migrants’, and Mail on Sunday: ‘King to Welby- I want Harry at Coronation.’

Review of world papers Sun 29 Jan 23. Sunday Times SA: ‘They have broken me, my life is hell’, Jerusalem Post: ‘Seven killed in Jerusalem synogogue massacre’, New York Times: ‘For police, body cameras break old code of silence’, and Telegraph Australia: ‘Cowards’ court.’

Celebration of photojournalism history. From US Library of Congress archives- ‘Photographing New York City – on a slender support 18 stories above pavement of Fifth Avenue.’ Taken circa 1907.

Title: Photographing New York City – on a slender support 18 stories above pavement of Fifth Avenue
Date Created/Published: c1907. Medium: 1 photographic print on stereo card : stereograph. Summary: Man seated on beam looking through camera. Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-stereo-1s07403 (digital file from original) LC-USZ62-83986 (b&w film copy neg.) LC-USZ62-44435 (b&w film copy neg. of half stereo)
Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication.

Style Tips. AP Stylebook for 2018 on ‘accident, crash- Generally acceptable for automobile and other collisions and wrecks. However, when negligence is claimed or proven, avoid accident, which can be read by some as a term exonerating person responsible. ‘

Media Law Tips. IPSO rules against Sun on Sunday on accuracy over article reporting ‘“support” for Scottish independence had “plummeted” following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.’ See:…/ruling/… Correction by publication.

North American Newspapers for Sunday 29th January 2023

Arab News and Reuters report: ‘Twitter says users will be able to appeal account suspension.’ See:

Mail Online reports: ‘Army spied on lockdown critics: Sceptics, including our own Peter Hitchens, long suspected they were under surveillance. Now we’ve obtained official records that prove they were right all along.’ See:

Mail Online reports: ‘Putin’s top commander in Ukraine launches war against Russian military bloggers who criticise tactics on frontline by imposing new reporting restrictions.’ See:

Mail Online reports: “‘I am remaining optimistic’: Dame Esther Rantzen, 82, reveals she has been diagnosed with lung cancer ‘which has now spread.'” See:

Observer reports: ‘Tories call for action over legal threats from powerful figures facing scrutiny. Solicitors accused of using lawsuits to stifle criticism of prominent figures include those acting for Nadhim Zahawi.’ See:

French Newspapers for Sunday 29th January 2023

Observer feature: ‘Tears, blunders and chaos: inside Elon Musk’s Twitter.’ See:

Observer reports: ‘‘A newspaperman to his fingertips’: late Observer editor Donald Trelford remembered. Colleagues recall the former editor, who died last week – a consummate journalist who carried the flame of liberalism in an uncertain age.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Bezos and Washington Post show honeymoon is over for tech mogul media owners.’ See:

Mark Rice-Oxley writes for the Guardian: ‘To defeat Putin, we must support the brave Russian journalists telling the truth.’ See:

‘Granada Reports TV journalist Teresa McMahon had told police that she suffered violence from her partner months before she was found dead in her flat in Salford in 2021.’ See: &

CIoJ LinkedIn news by Liz Justice reports: ‘Swedish photojournalist Orhan Karan said that police have dropped his complaint of assault by Valentin Mointes – a supporter of Danish far-right politician Rasmus Paludan.’ See: &

‘In a statement given to PA news agency, Journalist Dame Esther Frantzen said: “In the last few weeks I have discovered that I am suffering from lung cancer which has now spread.’ See: &

Montage of world newspapers Sunday 29th January 2023

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