Journalism History Sunday 5th March 2023

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Sunday 5th March 2023

Journalism is the first draft of history and these daily reports seek to provide an online briefing of the history of journalism for each day featured.

Review of UK papers Sun 5 Mar 23. Broadsheets. Observer: ‘”He’s gone full trump”-Tories turn on Johnson’, Sunday Times: ‘Putin has stolen our children’, Telegraph: ‘Hancock’s plan to “frighten the pants off” the public’, & Indy: ‘Ukrainians cling on in battle for Bakhmut.’

Review of UK papers Sun 5 Mar 23. Middle Markets. Mail on Sunday: ‘Rishi- Make no mistake, I’ll deport Channel migrants’, & Express: ‘Rishi- I’ll stop migrant boats. PM vows to slam a “brake” on abuse of human rights laws to control asylum.’

Review of UK papers Sun 5 Mar 23. Tabloids. Star: ‘Ab flab- 6 packs are bad for your health & beer bellies good’, Sun: ‘Harry- I come from a broken home’, People: ‘Harry- Sharing my trauma is act of service’, & Mirror: ‘Harry’s new blast at Charles.’

Review of world papers Sun 5 Mar 23. New York Times: ‘Trump prepares for long fight as rivals loom’, Telegraph Australia: ‘A good man inside’, Sunday Times SA: ‘Ministers splurge R2bn on “support”‘, & Jerusalem Post: ‘For 9th week in a row, hundreds of thousands protest.’

Celebrating the history of photojournalism. Aerial barnstormer “Jersey” Ringel standing with camera on top of wing of airplane in flight. Image taken in 1921 and in the US Library of Congress archives.

US Library of Congress archives. No known restrictions.

Style Tips. ABC guide Australia advise on agreement of person- ‘Subjects and verbs should agree in person and number. See: It’s not unusual to see some copy start in the third person only to switch to the first person.’

Media Law Tips. Partly upheld complaint about impartiality over BBC R4 PM programme. See: ‘there was a need to remind listeners of the existence of opposing opinions.’

North American Newspapers for Sunday 5th March 2023

Jerusalem Post reports: ‘How is global media reporting Israel’s judicial reform protests? Here are some instances of international media’s reaction to the protests against the proposed judicial reforms.’ See:

Mail Online reports: ‘Tributes pour in for ‘hugely popular’ Mail on Sunday journalist Valerie Elliott following her death aged 67 – as family reveal she was still digging out stories shortly before she passed away.’ See:

Sky News Press Preview: Sunday’s papers 4 Mar 2023 #presspreview #jewishchronicle #frontpages Gillian Joseph previews Sunday’s papers with journalist and author Christina Patterson, and the editor of the Jewish Chronicle Jake Wallis Simons. See:

French Newspapers for Sunday 5th March 2023

Janet Daley writes for the Telegraph: ‘The BBC conspired in the campaign of fear.’ See:

Julia Hartley-Brewer writes for Telegraph: ‘The journalists condemning Isabel Oakeshott for doing her job didn’t do theirs properly. Why are commentators so intent on killing the messenger, instead of focusing on the substance of the message?’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Ukraine’s reporters adapt amid media restrictions and pressure of war. War restrictions on press freedom and a sense the army is protecting officials complicates the task of rooting out corruption.’ See:

Observer reports: “Heads warn parents not to back pupil protests spreading via TikTok. Teachers condemn family support for trend in England and Wales that leads to school ‘stampedes.’” See:

Arab News reports: ‘King Salman appoints Salman Al-Dosari as Minister of Media in Saudi cabinet reshuffle.’ See:

New York Times reports: (behind paywall) ‘Bernadette Carey Smith, Black Reporter in Mostly White Newsrooms, Dies at 83. She was one of the first Black female journalists at The New York Times and The Washington Post.’ See:

Montage of world newspapers Sunday 5th March 2023

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