Journalism History Thursday 9th March 2023

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Thursday 9th March 2023

Journalism is the first draft of history and these daily reports seek to provide an online briefing of the history of journalism for each day featured.

CIoJ review of UK papers Thurs 9 Mar 23. Broadsheets. Telegraph: ‘Hancock’s Chinese lab leak claims censored’, Times: ‘Weight-loss drugs could help to trim benefits bill’, Guardian: ‘Sunak facing clash with EU’, & FT: ‘Drive to increase overseas worker numbers.’

CIoJ review of UK papers Thurs 9 Mar 23. Middle Markets. Mail: ‘Is Lineker about to get boot from BBC?’ i: Sunak’s small boats bill “risks Brexit peace”‘, Express: ‘Rishi’s victory deal with French’, & Evening Standard: ‘Prince & Princess titles are birthright says Harry.’

CIoJ review of UK papers Thurs 9 Mar 23. Tabloids. Star: ‘Potty-mouthed parrot causes chaos in boozer’, Sun: ‘Police seize Walker flash CCTV’, Mirror: ‘Lineker- “I will never be silenced”‘, & Metro: ‘Our little Princess.’

CIoJ review of world papers Thurs 9 Mar 23. Le Monde: ‘Retraites- les syndicats en appellent à Macron’, New York Times: ‘A fight for pensions and pride’, Japan Times: ‘Beijing studies Ukraine war for insights’, & Haaretz: Palestinian police clash with funeral crowd.’

Chartered Institute of Journalists’ celebration of the history of photojournalism. Early 20th century image from National Photo Company. ‘Difficulties of the cameraman.’ US Library of Congress archive.

Library of Congress archive. No known restrictions

Style Tips from @CIoJournalist. Keith Waterhouse advised: “Even in a chronological narrative, the story should not start before it begins. ‘John Smith was really looking forward to his dinner’ starts too early; the reader wants the dinner.”

Media Law tips from @CIoJournalist. Social Media libel on Facebook reported by 5RB and national newspapers. See:…/high-court-awards-25000-damages-to…/ ‘High Court awards £25,000 damages to businesswoman and anti-bullying campaigner.’ Judge said post contained: “nasty, baseless libels.”

North American Newspapers for Thursday 9th March 2023

Sky News Press Preview: Thursday’s front pages. 8 Mar 2023 #papers #uk #skynews We take a look at the front pages with the Daily Mirror’s Associate Editor Kevin Maguire and the Telegraph’s Deputy Comment Editor Annabel Denham. See:

Telegraph reports: ‘Gary Lineker’s BBC career in doubt as he doubles down on Nazi comments.’ See:

Jonathan Pollard writes for Mail Online: ‘It’s time to show preening, ignorant poseur Gary Lineker the exit door over his Nazi slur.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Losses deepen at GB News as network moves to fend off rival TalkTV. Hiring costs for presenters such as Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg balloon while advertisers stay wary of right-leaning channel.’ See:

Observer feature: ‘Lost letters reveal how ‘desperate’ Shackleton charmed Falklanders to save stranded crew. Explorer hid his torment as he regaled officials in Port Stanley with jokes and stories.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Gary Lineker stands by his immigration policy remarks. Match of the Day presenter says he doesn’t fear BBC suspension for comparing government language to that of 1930s Germany.’ See:

Guardian reports:’Mae Muller ’so excited’ to be UK entry for Eurovision 2023. Singer-songwriter comes to song contest with large following on TikTok and other social media.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Fox News produced ‘zero’ evidence to back election lie, defamation case hears. Dominion Voter Systems asks judge to rule in its favour without a full trial as cable news network frames case as free speech issue.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘WhatsApp would not remove end-to-end encryption for UK law, says chief. Meta’s head of chat app says it would not comply with the requirements set out in online safety bill.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Conductors condemn ‘shortsighted’ plans to disband BBC Singers. In letter to director general, conductors also express disbelief at 20% job cuts in BBC’s orchestras in England.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Clare Balding revealed as new face of BBC’s Wimbledon TV coverage.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Mystic Meg, TV and newspaper astrologer, dies aged 80. Pioneer of phone-in horoscopes, real name Margaret Lake, became household name as host of slot on National Lottery draw.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Guardian wins daily newspaper of the year at the Press Awards. Saturday magazine also awarded supplement of the year, while Aditya Chakrabortty and Jay Rayner receive accolades.’ See:

Roger Bolton writes for Guardian: ‘I agree with Gary Lineker on refugees. But he should delete his tweet, for the sake of the BBC.’ See:

Guardian news feature: ‘TechScape: Will Meta’s massive leak democratise AI – and at what cost? 4Chan users have posted the tech giant’s new ChatGPT-style language model online, putting the future of AI at a crossroads.’ See:

Jewish News feature: ‘Jewish producer of ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ sees his family history in Oscar-nominated film.’ See:

Lord Alex Carlile KC writes for Jewish Chronicle: ‘Israel is attracting my least favourite language. The country is moving into very dangerous times but we have to be precise in our words.’ See:

French Newspapers for Thursday 9th March 2023

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A journalism student’s investigation into crimes committed by children has sparked coverage from several national newspapers.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A journalist has left a regional publisher to take up an executive role at a business news website. Business News Wales has announced the appointment of Dan Thomas as an editorial and research executive.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A regional publisher has been warned it risks “alienating retailers and readers” with a new pricing policy at some of its newspapers.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘The Northern Echo has marked International Women’s Day with a special edition celebrating inspiring women on its patch. It is headlined: “celebrating women in the North-East who have done amazing things for our region”. See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘This year’s Regional Press Awards were handed out on Wednesday at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge in a glittering ceremony hosted by Zoe Lyons of Sky TV.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Journalists: ChatGPT is coming for your jobs (but not in the way you might think). Why publishers and regulators need to wake up to the threat posed by ChatGPT.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘GB News reports losses ten times greater than revenue for first year on air.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘5 News editor steps down: Cait Fitzsimons on five years running the news at 5.’ See:

Press Gazette and PA Media report: ‘MP calls for legally binding Editors’ Code with domestic abuse clause following Emma Pattison reporting.’ See:

Press Gazette and PA Media report: ‘Prince Harry to be at centre of Mirror hacking trial soon after Mail libel and privacy hearings.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘News UK, Mail, Mirror and Guardian execs reveal whether they would have published Hancock Whatsapps.’ See:

Arab News and Reuters report: ‘Google to launch fund to support Taiwan’s media outlets.’ See:

Arab News and AFP report: ‘Spotify woos creators, adds video in revamp.’ See:

Arab News and Reuters report: “Poland summons US envoy over TV station’s unspecified ‘actions.’” See:

Arab News and AP report: ‘Embattled Ozy Media a no show in fraud case.’ See:

FT media report (behind paywall) ‘Jemima Kelly- You don’t restore trust in the media by abandoning objectivity. In the current political climate we need to double down on fundamental journalistic principles, not surrender them.’ See:

FT reports (behind paywall) “Murdoch predicted ‘riots like never before’ if 2020 US election was overturned.” See:

FT media reports: (behind paywall) ‘Iran cracks down on newspaper that reported on rising price of meat. Authorities fear an economic crisis will stoke more protests across Islamic republic.’ See:

New York Times reports (behind paywall) ‘Politico’s Executive Editor Steps Down After a Year in the Job. Dafna Linzer is leaving after disagreeing on strategy with the publication’s top editor.’ See:

New York Times reports: ‘How Murdoch Runs Fox News, in His Own (Often Terse) Words. Court filings give a peek into how Rupert Murdoch shapes coverage at his news organizations.’ See:

Mail Online reports: ‘From trainee teacher to predicting the nation’s Lottery numbers in her grandmother’s crystal ball: How Mystic Meg became a household name.’ See:

Express reports: ‘Former Culture Secretary Sir John Whittingdale, who negotiated the current Charter with the BBC says it could be reformed because of the failure to deal with Gary Lineker breaking its rules.’ See:

Montage of world newspapers for Thursday 9th March 2023

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