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Journalism History for Saturday 11th March 2023

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Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Saturday 11th March 2023

Journalism is the first draft of history and these daily reports seek to provide an online briefing of the history of journalism for each day featured.

CIoJ review of UK papers Sat 11 Mar 23. Broadsheets. Times: ‘Power hugs in Paris’, Telegraph: ‘BBC faces revolt over Lineker’, Guardian: ‘Lineker suspended from BBC over social media’, & FT Weekend: ‘Collapse of US tech bank SVB shakes sector.’

CIoJ review of UK papers Sat 11 Mar 23. Tabloids. Mirror: ‘MOTD in turmoil. Revolt for Lineker’, Star: ‘Beeb’s gone too VAR’, National Scotland: ‘New Poll has yes 4 points in front. ‘

CIoJ review of UK papers Sat 11 Mar 23. Middle Markets. Mail: Mutiny at BBC over Lineker red card’, Indy: ‘Le bromance…but where’s le boeuf?’, i: BBC stars walk out in solidarity after Lineker suspended’, & Express: ‘Rishi’s £478m deal- I said we would stop boats.’

CIoJ review of world papers Sat 11 Mar 23. Gulf News: ‘Saudi Arabia, Iran to restore diplomatic ties’, Le Monde: ‘Fin de vie- le débat éthique devise les soignants’, WSJ: ‘Tech bank fails, rattles markets’, & Weekend Press NZ: ‘The big pay bumps teachers’ unions are rejecting.’

CIoJ celebration of photojournalism history. Delta Road, near New Orleans 1939. Emile Riche, a farmer, has a small place bordering the levee, and for a period of years has been fighting the Parish officials for payments due him for damages to his property in the flood of 1927.

US Library of Congress archive. No known restrictions.

Style Tips from @CIoJournalist. New York Times guide: ‘retardation, retarded. These terms, along with mental retardation now widely viewed as offensive & are avoided by many experts (official manual of APA has adopted “intellectual development disorder” as the formal diagnosis.)

Media Law Tips from @CIoJournalist. Hungarian investigative journalist wins ECtHR case over domestic authorities’ denial of request to access & report on living conditions in reception centres for asylum-seekers. See: Strasbourg ruled breach of Article 10.

North American Newspapers for Saturday 11th March 2023

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Times of Israel news feature: ‘No Kan do: How Israel’s public broadcaster ended up in the government’s firing line.’ See:

Mail Online reports: “BBC Director-General refuses to quit over Gary Lineker fiasco: Tim Davie repeats apology to viewers and says schedules being torn up and Match Of The Day slashed to just 20 minutes is a ‘real blow.'” See:

Observer reports: ‘Gary Lineker was singled out from a long list of BBC stars who express political views.’ See:

French Newspapers for Saturday 11th March 2023

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Guardian/Observer reports: ‘Lineker row threatens to topple BBC chiefs and hit Tory asylum plans. Broadcaster forced to slash TV coverage, while BBC chair and director general face calls to resign over crisis.’ See:

Sky News Press Preview: Saturday’s front pages. 10 Mar 2023 #papers #uk #skynews We take a look at the front pages with the Daily Mirror columnist Susie Boniface and the former BBC Sports Editor, Mihir Bose. See:

Veteran journalist Andrew Neil writes for Mail Online: ‘In Washington the talk is about WHEN not IF China invades Taiwan – and Brexit Britain will be key to the West’s response.’ See:

Montage of world newspapers for Saturday 11th March 2023
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