Journalism History for Monday 13th March 2023

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Monday 13th March 2023

Journalism is the first draft of history and these daily reports seek to provide an online briefing of the history of journalism for each day featured.

CIoJ review of UK papers Mon 13 Mar 23. Broadsheets. Telegraph: ‘Sunak gives military a £5bn boost’, Times: ‘MI5 will help firms fend off Chinese & Russian spies’, Guardian: ‘BBC bosses inrace to end Lineker standoff’ & FT: Hunt races to gather cash lifeline for tech companies.’

CIoJ review of UK papers Mon 13 Mar 23. Middle Markets. Evening Standard: ‘BBC backs down on Lineker and says ‘sorry’, i: ‘Gary Lineker expected back at work’, Mail: ‘Will BBC do Lineker deal?’ & Express: ‘Suella orders “woke” police- Protect free speech.’

CIoJ review of UK papers Mon 13 Mar 23. Tabloids. Sun: ‘Deal over tweet crisis. Lineker back on box’, Star: ‘Schools hols hit- White Easter’, and Metro: ‘Lineker muzzled for now.’

CIoJ review of world papers Mon 13 Mar 23. China Daily: ‘New leadership navigates China on right course’, Globe & Mail Canada: ‘Everything Everywhere at Oscars’, Star SA: ‘PP tries to close lid on leaks’, & Le Soir Belgium: ‘Nouvel imbroglio dans les primes énergie.’

CIoJ celebration of photojournalism history. White House photographers’ Association produced images with superimposed cut out faces for their 1923 ‘banquet’ while wearing fancy dress and holding dolls. US Library Congress archives.

Library of Congress Archives. No known restrictions

Style Tips from @CIoJournalist. BBC online news guide. ‘its/it’s- Do not use an apostrophe to indicate possession (eg: The decision shocked the government and its supporters). But do use an apostrophe to indicate the omission of a letter or letters eg: It’s a lovely day.’

Media Law Tips from @CIoJournalist. The National LGBT+ Police Network loses complaint against Sunday Telegraph. See:…/ruling/… Article headlined “National LGBT police like ‘Iran’s morality enforcers.’” No breach of accuracy.

North American Newspapers for Monday 13th March 2023

Guardian reports: ‘Board of Deputies of British Jews apologises for calling journalist an ‘asshole.’ Tweet, now deleted, was in response to Rachel Shabi’s comments on Holocaust education.’ See:

Sky News Press Preview: Monday’s front pages. 12 Mar 2023 #papers #uk #skynews Sky’s Gillian Joseph takes a look at the front pages with political journalists Kevin Schofield and Noa Hoffman. See:

Mail Online reports: ‘Gary Lineker ‘on verge of victory over BBC’: Sources say MOTD host ‘increasingly confident’ crisis will be ‘resolved to his satisfaction’ on Monday.’ See:

Brendan O’Neill writes for Mail Online: ‘If a celebrity in a tantrum were to get the better of the BBC we would all lose out.’ See:

Oliver Holt writes for the Mail Online: ‘Those bleak 20 minutes were an abject betrayal of a TV institution and an act of cultural vandalism. Tim Davie should quit now to avoid becoming the man who killed Match of the Day.’ See:

Mail Online reports: ‘Alastair Campbell’s support for Gary Lineker in BBC debate is ‘tainted’ by their commercial podcast links, critics say.’ See:

Dominic Sandbrook writes for Mail Online: ‘Twenty years on from publication of The Da Vinci Code…Why does Dan Brown still insist his £100m thriller is based on a true story?’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Home Office removed image of Huw Edwards from tweet about migration bill after BBC complaints.’ See:

Hannah Jane Parkinson writes for the Guardian: ‘Lineker and Vorderman are a more effective opposition than Labour.’ See:

Guardian and PA Media report: ‘Bill Tidy, former Private Eye cartoonist, dies aged 89. Known for his work in the satirical magazine and the Daily Mirror, Tidy was awarded an MBE in 2000.’ See:

Times reports (behind paywall) ‘BBC bosses seek truce to get Lineker back onside.’ See:

Times reports (behind paywall) “BBC staff cry foul after radio commentator is called ‘scab.’” See:

Times Obituary: ‘Bill Tidy- Fleet Street cartoonist who drew gritty northern satires such as the Cloggies for Private Eye and the Fosdyke Saga for the Daily Mirror.’ See:

Mail Online reports: “Gary Lineker will return to host Match of the Day. BBC forced into humiliating climbdown as Tim Davie apologises and launches social media review.'” See:

Express reports: ‘Gary Lineker breaks silence after humbled BBC apologise and confirm he will return to MOTD. Gary Lineker will return to Match of the Day after the BBC issued an apology on Monday.’ See:

BBC Media Centre statement: ‘Statements from BBC Director-General Tim Davie and Gary Lineker.’ See:

Guido Fawkes reports: ‘Producer Says Attenborough Ban Report.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once triumphs at Oscars with major sweep. Multiverse fantasy picks up seven awards including best picture and best actress while All Quiet on the Western Front wins four’ See:

Guardian Explainer: ‘Will BBC’s social media review rein in stars like Lineker? Overhaul of social media rules after row over presenter’s tweets are likely to be difficult to enforce.’ See:

John Kampfner writes for the Guardian: ‘BBC cowardice caused the Gary Lineker rebellion. And there will be more unless it finds some courage.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Never watched it’: Rupert Murdoch answers cold email about Succession. Reporter contacts Fox News owner after email address revealed in Dominion court filings – and gets a response.’ See:

Guardian reports: “Press banned from opening session of new Tunisian parliament. Independent media barred from building to avoid ‘disorder’, as president tightens autocratic grip.” See:

Guardian reports: ‘Twickenham Studios to go global as APX Group acquires 50% of business. US and European fund to rebrand network of studios it is building around world under name of 110-year-old studio.’ See:

Guardian reports: “TikTok would be ‘disappointed’ if UK banned app on official devices. Firm says moves in west to block video app on government phones have been ‘based on misplaced fears.’” See:

Guardian reports: ‘Fiona Bruce to step down as Refuge ambassador over Stanley Johnson comments. Question Time presenter faces claims she made light of domestic violence on last Thursday’s show.’ See:

Guardian reports: “BBC chair Richard Sharp under growing pressure to quit over Gary Lineker row. Keir Starmer describes Sharp’s position as ‘increasingly untenable’ as Rishi Sunak offers lukewarm defence of BBC chair.” See:

Jane Martinson writes for Guardian: ‘So Lineker is back. The mutiny is over. But the BBC can’t risk this humiliation again. The standoff occurred because the rules are not clear and the BBC management is dysfunctional. Both must be addressed now.’ See:

French Newspapers for Monday 13th March 2023

CIoJ LinkedIn news by Liz Justice reports: ‘Former Sunday Times journalist Fleur De Villiers has died in London at the age 85.’ See: &

CIoJ LinkedIn news by Liz Justice reports: ‘Published: 10:00 am, 13 March 2023. Statement from Director-General of the BBC, Tim Davie. See: &

CIoJ LinkedIn news by Liz Justice reports: ‘Germany’s Federal Criminal Police (BKA) said that its nationwide reporting service registered a total of 320 criminal acts committed against journalists in 2022.’ See: &

CIoJ LinkedIn news by Liz Justice reports: ‘France24 TV has fired Palestinian journalist, Laila Odeh, after opening an investigation into her use of “pro-Palestine” terminology on her personal social media accounts.’ See: &

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘Regional press walking buddies pen new book about 40-year hobby.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A former regional journalist has been appointed editor of a national specialist publication. Olivia Midgley has been promoted to the role at Farmers Guardian.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘An online local newspaper archive launched with a €676,000 Google grant has disappeared without explanation.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A former regional daily editor has been awarded his MBE by the Princess Royal. Ian Mean, left, was given the honour by Princess Anne in a ceremony at Windsor Castle.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A journalist who held several senior roles at the newspaper where he spent his entire career has died aged 88. John Cosslett served as executive editor, news editor & night editor during his career with the Western Mail.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A regional publisher has threatened to injunct the BBC after claiming plans to expand its local news services will put private sector journalism jobs at risk.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A senior editorial chief has announced her departure from a regional publisher after almost two decades of service. Alison Gow has revealed she is leaving Reach plc.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: “MEN editor on bid to become ‘national of the North’ and ‘sexist’ clickbait jibes.” See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘BBC Gary Lineker row: How do other publishers control social media use?’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘BBC to review social media rules for all staff in bid to resolve Gary Lineker row.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Tom Petrie, Sun news editor during 4m sales heyday, dies aged 84.’ See:

Jewish Chronicle reports: ‘BBC ‘ignored’ complaint on Lineker tweet lamenting death of Hamas fighter. It comes as the BBC has confirmed that Lineker will return to air this week as the corporation launches a review of social media guidelines.’ See:

Jewish Chronicle reports (9/3/23): ‘Shame on you, Holocaust survivor tells Lineker over asylum policy tweet. Prominent Jews have attacked the BBC pundit after he compared the language being used to discuss UK’s asylum plans to 1930s Germany.’ See:

Jewish Chronicle reports: ‘Board of Deputies apologises for tweet calling journalist an ‘a******’ The now deleted tweet criticising Jewish journalist Rachel Shabi was apparently sent from the wrong account.’ See:

Arab News reports: ‘Meta to end news access for Canadians if Online News Act becomes law.’ See:

Arab News reports: ‘BBC reverses Gary Lineker suspension for Twitter post.’ See:

New York Times reports (behind paywall) ‘Fox’s P.R. Woes May Not Directly Translate to Legal Ones. Some of the unflattering private messages among the network’s hosts and executives may never become evidence.’ See:

New York Times reports (behind paywall): ‘Why Would Someone Steal Unpublished Manuscripts? Filippo Bernardini has been accused by the government of stealing over 1,000 book manuscripts.’ See:

Stephen Bush writes for FT (behind paywall) ‘Gary Lineker and free speech’s problematic new realm. Social media is neither public nor private, creating problems for leaders of organisations.’ See:

FT reports (behind paywall) ‘Gary Lineker to return to ‘Match of the Day’ after BBC ends stand-off. Broadcaster to review impartiality guidelines following dispute that led to weekend coverage chaos.’ See:

Lauren Smith writes for Spiked Online: ‘No, the BBC is not censoring David Attenborough. Claims that an episode of Wild Isles was suppressed to please the Tories are untrue.’ See:

Richard Littlejohn writes for Mail Online: ‘Endless strikes, the small boats crisis and now the Lineker fiasco are proof that anti-Tory groupthink has taken control in Britain.’ See:

Times Obituary behind paywall: ‘Tom Petrie, news editor who wrote one of The Sun’s most famous headlines.’ See:

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