The Radio Plays of Lawrence du Garde Peach

Lawrence du Garde Peach (1890 – 1974) is a significant early radio drama author who published a collection of his popular scripts commissioned by the BBC in 1931- when he was described as ‘England’s foremost radio dramatist.’

He who wrote under the name L. du Garde Peach, and had a prolific output across all media. His collected plays were published in 1955.

He produced the largest series of Ladybird Books between 1957 and 1974. The History series of illustrated non-fiction books which remained in print until 1986 will be remembered by the many generations of children who read them at home and school.

du Garde Peach had a doctorate in 17th European drama from Sheffield University and started an academic career before turning to full-time writing in the 1920s.

He was a great enthusiast for amateur drama, wrote many one act plays for the genre, and was a key founder of and volunteer for the The Players of Great Hucklow – an amateur theatre group in the Peak District of Derbyshire near his home.

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