The Radio Plays of Susan Hill

Dame Susan Hill, Lady Wells, DBE (1942 -) is one of Britain’s foremost authors of fiction and non-fiction works. She is also a highly respected and accomplished radio dramatist with multiple BBC credits stretching over fifty years of writing and production.

In 1975 The Cold Country and other plays for radio, published by the BBC, included five of her first radio play scripts with an impressive introduction by her extolling the creative potential of the sound medium: ‘Plays are about human beings in confrontation – with one another, and with various aspects of their own selves, the contents of their minds and hearts, their pasts and hopes for the future, the exigencies of their particular situations at given moments in time. When the last word has been said about ‘the medium of radio’, the most vital words have yet to be spoken ; by the writer, through his character, to the listener – person to person. That is all.’

Nigel Deacon’s profile on Susan Hill’s radio plays.

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