Journalism History Saturday 8th October 2022

Daily review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips for Saturday 8th October 2022

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Telegraph: ‘Minister sacked in new Tory sleaze row’, Times: ‘Parents get cash payout in childcare reform plan’, FT Weekend: ‘Renewables groups face price caps’, Guardian: ‘Minister sacked for “serious misconduct.”‘

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Star: ‘Panicked Brits rush to stockpile candles over blackout fears. Fork handles?’ Sun: GMC investigates TV media. Holly and Phil doc in sex probe’, and Mirror: ‘New Covid surge. Booster jab crisis.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Last night’s Evening Standard: ‘Biden sounds new Putin nuke alert’, i: ‘Truss locked in Cabinet battle over energy crisis’, Express: ‘No10 hit by row over Brexit freedoms’, & Mail: ‘Beat diabetes with NHS diet.’

Review of world papers. Le Monde: ‘Iran- the generation defying the regime’, Hindu: ‘Rights champions in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine get Nobel’, New York Times: US targeting China’s access to technology’, & Saturday Citizen SA: ‘”Bring it on, ANC.”‘

Celebration of the history of photojournalism. George Bain news agency portrait of Ferruccio Busoni, seated at piano (1866-1924) see: Significant Italian composer. Image taken early 20th century.

Postcard showing Ferruccio Busoni, half-length portrait, seated at piano, facing right. Image Library of Congress, George Bain News Agency LC-USZ62-126592 Public Domain.

Style Tips. Sir Harold Evans in Essential English for Journalists said: ‘Useless caution- Why keep saying ‘It was learned that…’? It is no legal protection if the facts are not right. We could say ‘it was learned that…’ before every fact in the paper.’

Media Law Tips. 26th September Ofcom issued notice…/Note-to-Broadcasters… to broadcasters and video-on-demand service (“ODPS”) providers to develop accessibility action plans..making their services more accessible to people with disabilities.’

Ofcom’s note to broadcasters and ODPS providers to improve accessibility features for disabled people.

‘Palestinian photojournalist, Hosam Salem, has been fired by New York Times over social media posts in which he expressed support for Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation.’ See: &

‘Russia’s human rights organisation Memorial has won the Nobel Peace Prize- 22 years ago to the day Anna Politkovskaya was murdered.’ See: &

‘Sir James Dyson brings a High Court libel claim against Channel 4 over a programme which made allegations of abuse & exploitation of workers at a factory which used to supply goods to his firm.’ See: &

‘TIME Magazine journalist David Beckwith, who broke the Supreme Court’s original landmark Roe V. Wade abortion ruling, has died from lung cancer.’ See: &

“Myanmar journalist Sithu Aung Myint was sentenced to three years in prison today in a secret court for ‘inciting government employees to commit crimes.'” See: &

Guardian obituary: ‘Laurie Purden- doyenne of the women’s magazine industry in the second half of the 20th century.’ See:

Guardian analysis: ‘Legal action by Doreen Lawrence and Prince Harry could mire Daily Mail for years. Six people have brought claims, but it is those from Stephen Lawrence’s mother that have really hurt newspaper.’ See:

Mail Online reports: ‘Nobel peace prize winners announced: Jailed Belarusian human rights activist wins this year’s award with Russian and Ukrainian human rights organisations.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A daily newspaper has sacked a columnist over an “offensive” tweet even though an investigation concluded there was no “racist intent” in what he wrote.’ See:

‘A former regional journalist who became a motorsport “media guru” has died aged 57. Tributes have been paid to Mark Wilford.’ See:

‘Editor of the Hampshire Chronicle has appealed for readers to help fill a “black hole” in her newspaper’s archives that has emerged over the past seven years.’ See:

‘A weekly newspaper has celebrated the start of Black History Month on its front page. Reading Today has splashed on the launch of the event, which runs throughout October.’ See:

‘Prince Harry, Sir Elton John and the mother of Stephen Lawrence are among a group suing the publisher of the Mail titles for alleged “gross breaches of privacy.”‘ See:

Carolyn Pepper writes for Press Gazette: ‘Lawyer: What to do about deepfake and metaverse libel threat to publishers.’ See:

‘Canada’s Online News Act will force Google and Facebook to pay out $329.2m a year, parliamentary report finds.’ See:

Press Gazette extract from book written by Tom Harper: ‘How News Corp sacrificed journalists’ sources to save the company.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Judge halts Elon Musk-Twitter litigation to allow time to finance $44bn takeover. If the deal does not close by 28 October, a November trial will be scheduled.’ See:

‘Reporters Without Borders & Bulgarian investigative journalist Atanas Tchobanov have filed a complaint against a French business consultancy which they claim violate privacy laws.’ See: &

‘Nancy Pelosi urges scrutiny of $5.4 billion takeover of broadcaster Tegna which operates 64 television stations in US cities including Cleveland, where it operates WKYC-TV, Channel 3.’ See: &

‘Two journalists were shot and injured by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank and a 21 year old man was killed.’ See: &

Montage of newspaper front pages Saturday 8th October 2022

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