Journalism History Sunday 9th October 2022

Daily review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Sunday 9th October 2022

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Independent: ‘Blast hits key Russian supply route’, Telegraph: ‘Truss tells MPs- Unite or face disaster’, Observer: ‘Putin dealt a bitter blow as blast cripple key bridge’, & Sunday Times: ‘Bridge blast opens up Crimea.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Star: ‘It’s strife Jim, but not as we know it. Clean me up Scotty!’ Mirror: ‘Peter Tobin’s wife speaks out. I’m glad my serial killer ex is dead’, People: ‘Now we’ll never know the truth’ & Sun: ‘Strictly star AJ ditched me for model.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Sunday Express: ‘”Heads down and charge!” PM’s strategy to revive the economy as Gove is labelled a “sadist” who will put Labour in power’ & Mail On Sunday: ‘”Sadistic” Gove told- stop plots or let in Starmer.’

Review of world papers. Jerusalem Post: ‘Border police officer critical after J’lem drive-by shooting’, Sunday Times India: ‘IAF to raise special cadre to handle missiles, UAVs’, Sunday Times SA: ‘ANC plots to oust DA in GP metros’, L’Express: ‘Macron in pension trap.’

Voice of Europe reports (6th October 2022) ‘Four Belarusian Journalists Handed Prison Terms As Lukashenka’s Crackdown Continues.’ See:

‘A third man from Kashmir has been arrested alongside journalists Nadeem Nadu and Salman Shah after a teacher reported being lured through a WhatsApp group for people seeking help.’ See: &

‘Bath based former journalist Gerald Walker has passed away aged 92.’ See: &

‘Journalist leaders in Bangladesh today held a commemoration meeting at the National Press Club to celebrate the work and lives of 16 members of the club who had died recently.’ See: &

Appreciation of the history of photojournalism. A George Bain news agency photographer is in Honolulu around 1910 and records one of the first photographs of Japanese Sumo wrestling for US newspapers.

Japanese sumo wrestling, Honolulu. George Bain News Agency circa 1910. Library of Congress. LC-USZ62-41424. Public Domain.

Style Tips. New and excellent Times/Sunday Times 2022 styleguide advises ‘practice (noun), practise (verb) in British usage. It is an inexcusable practice for sub-editors to confuse the two; writers should practise getting it right.’

Media Law Tips. 5RB ‘Apology to John Ware- Statement in open court’ See: Official JVL statement…/court-statement/ Report in Independent…/jewish-voice-for-labour-bbc… Twitter:-

Mail Online reports: ‘The Crown is slammed for depicting Princess Diana’s infamous BBC Panorama interview with disgraced journalist Martin Bashir in upcoming Netflix series – despite Prince William’s plea that it never be aired again.’ See:

North American Newspapers

The Boston Sunday Globe (Serving our community for 150 years) reports that there are few signs of winder COVID wave yet. and an Ex-MFA director is being scrutinized on artworks. The Arizona Republic reported on Saturday that ‘Ariz.’s 1864 ban on abortions has been put on hold, a ‘Man arrested in death of UA professor had been expelled.’ The Weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal reports that ‘Jobs data show few cooling signs’ and ‘Stocks fall as hope of Fed easing fades.’ The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday that Iranian women across the world are protesting with scissors and hair cutting as a statement. The LA Times also reports that the ‘State’s volatile fuel market has no easy remedy.’

The Chicago Tribune reports on ‘A poisoned mind’- Chicago police zero in on a suspect in a series of killings with an eighth victim. The New York Times front page is dominated with a picture of flames billowing from the explosion on the bridge connecting Russia with Crimea: ‘Blast on Crimea bridge disrupts supply route, in major blow to Putin.’

In Canada, the Sunday Toronto Sun front page bears a colour advert for Hyundai Canada ‘WAH is more than a word.’ The Saturday Star in Toronto reported that economists predict a ‘Crash course’ for Canada which is heading for ‘a painful recession.’ The weekend edition of the National Post reported on China’s targeting of Taiwan which they described as ‘The calm before the storming.’

French newspapers

In the Haute-Garonne, La Dépêche reports on ‘Logement- la loterie des diagnostics’ and on the subject of the energy crisis: ‘Chauffe-eau désactivés- Enedis s’explique’, the Catholic newspaper La Croix focuses on ‘Vél’ d’Hive, Rwanda, Ukraine- Pourquoi l’homme choisit-il de tuer ou de sauver?’ Le Dauphiné asks ‘Grands équipements- faut-il les mettre à la diète cet hiver?’

La Voix Du Nord features ‘Les supporters impatients!’, La République des Pyrénées asks ‘Pourquoi les prix devraient flamber encore davantage’, Ouest France reports on ‘Ukraine- ils racontent la bataille de Marioupol’, and Le Parisien Dimanche features Édouard Philippe ‘”Sur la retraite, il faut bouger beaucoup.’

Mail Online reports: ‘Minute by Orwellian minute: Trans row mother-of-five journalist Caroline Farrow recounts her ordeal at the hands of the Twitter police.’ See:

Telegraph feature (behind paywall) “‘How John le Carré censored me.’ In this long-read, John le Carré’s biographer Adam Sisman breaks his silence about the novelist’s ‘messy private life'” See:

Montage of newspaper front pages Sunday 9th October 2022

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