Journalism History Tuesday 11th October 2022

Daily review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Tuesday 11th October 2022

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Times: ‘NHS nurse in dock for “murdering seven babies”‘, FT: ‘Borrowing costs soar again as BoE & chancellor fail to calm markets’, Telegraph: ‘Nurse used insulin to kill babies, trial told’, & Guardian: ‘Zelenskiy pleads for more help.’

Review of UK papers. Sun. ‘Prosecutor tells court “Poison nurse killed 7 babies’, Metro: ‘The “baby poisoner”‘, Mirror: ‘Murder trial nurse “Poisoner on the baby ward” & Star: ‘Boozers fight back in cost of living crisis. Forget W.F.H now we’re W.F.P.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Express: ‘”Poisoner at work” nurse “killed” 7 babies’, Evening Standard: ‘Families driven to brink. Stealing to eat’, Mail: ‘The day death rained from the sky’, & i: ‘Truss faces showdown with rebels.’

Review of world papers. New York Times: ‘Russia’s grip on its old Soviet realm is slackening’, Global Times: ‘Retaliatory strikes on Kiev’, & Le Monde: ‘Deluge of Russian strikes on Ukraine’, Jerusalem Post: ‘Manhunt continues for Shuafat checkpoint terrorist.’

Celebration of photojournalism history. Images of ‘street peddlers’ in New York City 1910 taken by George Bain news agency photographers. You can see knives & tools being sharpened, & a man selling ‘Derby Hats’ which were all the rage for men.

Style Tips. New York Times has a manual of Style & Usage. 2015 edition says on ‘born, borne. Except in references to birth, use borne as the past participle of bear: a load, a cost, and a grudge are borne, but a child is born.’ Sounds rather biblical.

Media Law Tips. In England, can courts impose reporting restrictions in criminal trials on the identities of dead children? They should not. Made clear in Judicial College/Studies Guides 2015 & 2022. Deceased victims are not ‘concerned in the proceedings.’ They must be alive in order to be the lawful subject of statutory reporting restrictions.

Guardian reports: ‘Ex-Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes makes phone-hacking claim against Daily Mail owner. Exclusive: Associated Newspapers faces first legal case over alleged voicemail interception.’ See:

‘It would never happen to the men but on Sunday BBC Breakfast news presenters Rachel Burden and Victoria Fritz caused a Twitter storm about their outfits.’ See: &

‘Hackers flashed a video on screen during a new bulletin on Iranian state television in protest at the ongoing deaths of protester’s following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini.’ See: &

‘US Journalist James Foley has been honoured with a stone memorial outside the church he attended while growing up in New Hampshire.’ See: &

‘US prosecutors are seeking around a four year prison sentence for the attack on an Associated Press Photographer during the Capitol Hill riot in January 2021.’ See: &

BBC News reports: ‘Prince and Princess of Wales take over Radio 1 Newsbeat.’ See:

‘The mysterious death of a former Afghanistan journalist who was working in Turkey is coming under scrutiny by his former colleagues and family.’ See: &

Jane Martinson argues in the Guardian: ‘Allegations swirl around Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail. Until they clear, a peerage would be a travesty.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Reach reveals impact of Queen advertising blackout as CFO departs.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: “Financial Times profit up after ‘strong rebound’ from Covid-19 in 2021.” See:

‘A regional daily is celebrating after backing a successful bid for its patch to host the next Eurovision song contest. Liverpool will welcome the event in May next year after being chosen over Glasgow by judges.’ See:

‘More than 200 mourners gathered to celebrate the life of a veteran regional newspaper proprietor on what would have been his 96th birthday. A total of 230 guests were present for the memorial service in honour of Sir Ray Tindle.’ See:

AFP and Arab News report: “Russia adds Meta to list of ‘terrorist and extremist’ organizations.” See:

‘Tributes paid to LBC and IRN’s ‘pioneering’ managing editor, John Perkins, following his death’ See:

Montage of newspaper front pages around the world 11th October 2022

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