Journalism History 10th October 2022

Daily review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Monday 10th October 2022

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Guardian: ‘Iran closes schools in bid to curb protests’, Telegraph: ‘Bridge blast was act of terrorism says Putin’, FT: “Unwise” Opec+oil production cuts threaten global economy, says Yellen’, & Times: ‘Truss turns on the charm.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Sun: ‘Ruy over Crown Philip slur’, Star: ‘Cost of living crisis. Let them eat cake’, Mirror: ‘Katie Piper’s attacker goes on the run’, & Metro: ‘Wrath of Putin.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Mail: ‘Campus wokery on the march’, Express: ‘Rebels urged to stop plots and show loyalty’ & i: ‘PM scrambles to save her premiership as Tories warn of “wipeout.”‘

Celebration of photojournalism history. George Bain news agency sent photographer to Honolulu, Hawai in 1910 to take pictures of street scenes and arrival of Japanese migrants, many including ex-soldiers.

Style Tips. Economist’s guide very good on vocabulary of economics. e.g. ‘profit margin = profits as a percentage of sales; usually profits before tax’ and ‘profitability = profits as a percentage of total assets’ ROTA standing for return on total assets.

Media Law Tips. Complaint re: R4 science programme expert saying ‘there are “two ways of dealing with nuclear fuel when it comes from the reactor” when there were in fact three.’ See…/inside-science-radio-4-3-february-2022 ECU decided two referred to ways currently available.

Review or world papers. Le Monde: ‘Ukraine war- Crimean bridge targeted’, New York Times: ‘Fed’s moves are causing pain beyond US borders’, Business Day SA: ‘Satawu poised to join Transnet strike’, & Global Times has large picture of fossil fuel protesters in central London.

Telegraph reports (behind paywall): ‘BBC is ‘done for’ if it can’t attract Netflix generation, Today presenter warns. Nick Robinson, who presents the flagship Radio 4 programme, says young viewers are key to corporation’s survival.’ See:

‘The BBC’s journalist in Kyiv, Hugo Bachega, was delivering a news report when several explosions were seen in the centre of Ukraine’s capital city.’ See: &

‘The Royal Mint has unveiled a new 50p coin, created to celebrate the BBC’s centenary, which will feature an image of the late Queen Elizabeth II.’ See: & mint&utm_campaign

‘Two journalists from US news outlet CNN have apologised for their intrusion into the childcare centre in Thailand that left 37 people, including 23 children, dead.’ See:

‘An undercover BBC journalist who says she was sexually assaulted by fashion mogul Gérald Marie is continuing her call for models to have their rape allegations against him heard in court.’ See: &

‘News24 journalist Karyn Maughan has asked for a summons to be struck out bought by former South Africa President Jacob Zuma after he started a private prosecution.’ See: &

‘A freelance journalist was stopped as she tried to attend the Irish DUP conference on Saturday.’ See: &

CIoJ Linkedin news by Liz Justice reports: ‘Johanna Thomas-Corr has been appointed as the new literary editor of the Sunday Times after stalwart Andrew Holgate’s decision to resign after an epic 23 years in the role.’ See: &

‘Gavin Foster, who became editor of the Northern Echo in February has now been appointed regional editor for Newsquest North.’ See: &

‘Former RTÉ broadcaster Val Joyce, who presented Late Date for more than 15 years, died at the weekend.’ See: &

Guardian reports: ‘What’s in the public interest (in Australian media law)? Murdoch v Crikey trial could test new defamation defence.’ See:

AP and Arab News report: ‘Twitter, Instagram block Kanye West’s account over offensive posts.’ See:

AFP and Arab News report: ‘Iran state TV hacked with image of supreme leader in crosshairs.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘How Tortoise podcasts became the most profitable part of the ‘slow news’ start-up.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: “GB News royal reporter recalls going into deep end for Queen’s death coverage: ‘Would we be ready?'” See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Long-time ‘dominant personality’ of Evening Standard subs desk Ian Stocks dies aged 84.’ See:

HTFP reports: ‘Plasterer ordered to compensate journalist after four-letter pub threat.’ See:

HTFP reports: ‘Six would-be journalists have won bursaries for their training as part of a drive to increase newsroom diversity.’ See:

US and North American newspapers

The Boston Globe reports that in Massachusetts abortion is a distant option, and ‘Seniors uprooted as nursing homes fail’, and the New York Times’ New York City edition features an American who ‘finds in Ukraine the war he sought’, and ‘fear of reprisal for bridge blast dims Kyiv’s joy.’

The front page of the Globe and Mail in Canada reports: ‘MPs press for more after chair resigns from Hockey Canada’. The Wall Street Journal reports ‘Howitzer’s success in Ukraine rekindles demand for weapon’, and ‘Iran’s angry wave of protests poses serious test for regime.’ The USA Today highlights the ‘high -cost of consumer loans stirs new fears’ and in their coverage of midterm elections, ‘poll workers are fearful as vengeful threats persist.’

The Chicago Tribune features ‘Native American culture in Chicago’ and that the ‘Marathon’s new nonbinary division garners applause.’ Finally, the Los Angeles Times reports that in the state’s water allocations ‘environment pays the price.’ It also reports from Medellin in Columbia and describes it as ‘from homicide capital to tourist draw.’

French newspapers

In France, La Croix features an interview with 75 year-old Bruno Latour ‘Penseur du tournant écologique’, and Libération reports on ‘Pénurie de carburants, la pompe a retardement.’ Le Parisien puts the focus on ‘Transports en commun- Mais où song passés les chauffeurs de bus?’ In business news Les Echos reports on ‘Big bang en vue dans l’Alliance Renault-Nissan’ and the regional Sud Ouest puts Iran on the front page with the headline ‘Le pays est à un tournant.’

Montage of newspaper front pages today from around the world

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