Journalism History Sunday 13th November 2022

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Sunday 13th November 2022.

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Telegraph: ’10-point migration plan to end “Hotel Britain,”‘ Observer: ‘The £30bn cost of disastrous Truss budget’, Sunday Times: ‘Putin’s retreat transforms Kherson into a city of joy’, & Independent: ‘Ukrainians return home…but to what?’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Sun: ‘Why Star left. Olivia’s dash to hospital’, Mirror: Vicar slams Jungle MP. Hancock hasn’t got a prayer’, & Star: ‘Tarot reader gives Coco the once-over- The fool.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Mail on Sunday: ‘Albanians poppy day “insult” to Churchill’, Herald in Scotland: ‘Brexit fears on nuclear safety’, & Sunday Express: ‘Rishi revives Thatcherism to rescue UK.’

Review of world papers. Jerusalem Post: ‘UN ask ICJ to give opinion on Israel’s W. Bank “occupation”, New York Times: ‘Democrats hold Senate with Nevada win’, Sunday Times India: ‘Don’t make coal lone villain, India asserts’, & Sunday Times SA: ‘Cyril’s Phala Phala jive.’

Celebration of photojournalism history. Johanna Gadski, a German Opera Soprano in 1915 sending a best wishes message to British officer Lieutenant Hodgkinson during the Great War.

Photograph shows German soprano opera singer Johanna Gadski (1872-1932). Gadski’s Message to British Officer. US Library of Congress LC-DIG-ggbain-20717

Style Tips. The Guardian/Observer online guide explains under the letter ‘r’- In respect of ‘rape’ the guide advises: ‘Always include helpline numbers on stories about rape and sexual abuse.’

Media Law Tips. BBC Executive Complaints Unit rejects complaint that interview with ‘money saving expert’ Martin Lewis on BBC One Breakfast was ‘“ten-minute rant” against the Government by someone “known to be anti-Conservative.”’

Janet Daley writes for Telegraph (behind paywall) ‘In censoring the press, the police have dangerously overreached. The arrest of a reporter at a Just Stop Oil protest should alarm all who care about free thought and uncensored debate.’ See:

Stephen Pollard argues in Telegraph: ‘BBC approach to complaints practically Orwellian.’ See:

‘Turkish state media watchdog RTUK has imposed a ban on broadcasting images of the bombing in Istanbul, Turkey this afternoon in which six people were killed and 53 more injured.’ See: &

CIoJ LinkedIn news by Liz Justice reports: ‘When this Blog reported two Farsi journalists in the UK were informed that their lives were in danger, the details were sketchy except their homes had been under surveillance.’ See: &

‘Broadcaster David Dimbleby believes the BBC is too deferential in its coverage of the royal family and should take active steps to address points of contention.’ See: &

North American Newspapers Sunday 13th November 2022

Mail Online reports: ‘Far-left Durham University students use legal ruse in a new bid to ‘crush’ BBC presenter Jeremy Vine’s old student paper and torpedo press freedom.’ See:

Toby Young writes for Mail on Sunday and Mail Online: ‘Durham University’s free speech crisis, as left-wing students look to shut down Jeremy Vine’s old student paper, shows how far it has fallen.’ See:

‘A former BBC journalist is to pursue legal action as he faces being removed as a Liberal Democrat candidate over his Christian values.’ See: &

French Newspapers Sunday 13th November 2022

Mail Online reports: ‘BBC presenter Chris Packham under fire for allegedly breaching impartiality rules after he urged his fans to donate money to extreme left-wing news website Novara Media.’ See:

Mail Online reports: ”He’s the only one wearing scruffy jeans’: Viewers tell BBC climate editor Justin Rowlatt to chuck his jeans in the dustbin… and have a shave too.’ See:

Observer feature: ‘Joining the herd: what’s it like moving from Twitter to Mastodon? Users fleeing Elon Musk’s takeover will find themselves in a different world – quixotic, communal and defiantly democratic.’ See:

Rachel de Souza writes for the Observer: ‘We can’t leave children exposed to online harm. This law is our chance to protect them.’ See:

Guardian feature: ‘”Ros Atkins looks back: ‘I do wonder how it would look – a BBC journalist at a rave.’ The TV journalist recreates a photo from an early DJ gig and talks about mixing D’n’B with working at the Beeb.” See:

Montage of newspapers Sunday 13th November 2022

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