Journalism History Monday 14th November 2022

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Monday 14th November 2022.

Review of UK papers. Broadsheets. Times: ‘New pact with France to stem flow of migrants’ Telegraph: ‘Russia is a rogue state, Sunak tells G20 leaders’ FT: ‘Warning of £70bn debt rise sharpens Hunt’s focus’, & Guardian: ‘The hospitals where a third of patients can’t go home.’

Review of UK papers. Tabloids. Sun: ‘Ronaldo- United have betrayed me’, Metro: ‘We’ll all pay more tax’, Mirror: ‘Last chance to save our NHS’, & Star: ‘Westminster bubbles! £265k spent on cheap champers and beers as living costs surge.’

Review of UK papers. Middle Markets. Independent: ‘Record waits for asylum seekers as backlog soars’, Express: ‘More tax for all’, i: ‘Tax rises for all and energy help just for the poorest’, & Mail: ‘A&E chief. Hospitals harm the elderly.’

Review of world papers. Jerusalem Post: ‘6 killed, 81 injured in Istanbul blast’, Times of India: ‘India- Can’t club us with big polluters’, Global Times: ‘World “waits” for China’s leadership at G20 summit’, & Business Day SA: ‘Desperate call to bail out Post Office.’

Style Tips. In 1978 Washington Post’s Deskbook on Style had section on ‘Taste- A word offensive to the last generation can be part of the next generation’s common vocabulary. But we shall avoid prurience. We shall avoid profanities and obscenities..’

Media Law Tips. English Family Court Division ruling on award of £37m under prenup to former journalist now divorcing a billionaire (See: ) makes headlines. See:… Judgment by Mr Justice Mostyn.

Celebration of the history of photojournalism. Early George Bain news agency side profile portrait of Arthur De Greef (1862-1940). He was a Belgian pianist/composer. Performed first complete recording of Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor.

Arthur De Greef. George Bain News Agency. US Library of Congress LC-DIG-ggbain-36438. No known restrictions.

Mail Online reports: ‘BBC in the very beginning: From its first ever news broadcast 100 years ago today, to the first song sung on-air to a debut comedy sketch… hear what 1920s listeners heard when they tuned in their wireless.’ See:

BBC News reports: ‘Mystery of BBC radio’s first broadcasts revealed 100 years on.’ See:

The CIoJ’s The Journal reports: ‘The BBC’s first journalist and newscaster was a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.’ See:

Mail Online reports: ‘Twitter’s potential collapse under Elon Musk’s reign could wipe ‘vast records of recent human history’, experts warn.’ See:

North American Newspapers Monday 14th November 2022

CIoJ LinkedIn news by Liz Justice reports: ‘Be under no illusion say the American business magazines that Musk is well known for accomplishing ambitious production and he has a masterplan to turn Twitter into a WeChat style company.’ See:

‘The murder of radio broadcaster Percy Lapid (Percivel Mabasa) has a new twist.’ See: &

‘Former journalist Nataša Pirc Musar won a runoff vote on Sunday to become Slovenia’s first female president, according to preliminary results.’ See: &

‘When does being asked to do every nasty challenge in ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here with the comments from hosts Ant and Declan become outright bullying and abuse?’ See: &

Guardian reports: ‘Musk says he has ‘too much on plate’ amid reports of more Twitter job cuts. Tesla chief says ‘there’s no way to make everyone happy’ amid claims 4,400 contractors have been fired.’ See:

French Newspapers Monday 14th November 2022

Guardian reports: “TV property presenter Jonnie Irwin reveals he has terminal cancer. A Place in the Sun and Escape to the Country host hopes he can inspire others to ‘make the most of every day.’” See:

‘UK government criticised for failing to protect children from online harm. Organisations representing young people express concern amid fears that manifesto pledges on internet safety are under threat.’ See:

Nick Coffer argues in the Guardian: ‘BBC local radio is a lifeline for millions of listeners – we can’t afford to cut it.’ See:

Amanda Meade writes for Guardian Australia: “Daily Telegraph’s ‘inaccurate’ reporting taken into account by judge when sentencing paedophile.” See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Why Canada must make rules around Duopoly publisher payments transparent.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Informa posts recession-busting profit update thanks to return of events.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Top 50 biggest news websites in the world in October: New York Times becomes the third-biggest news website.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A BBC boss has defended plans to launch new websites in cities already served by established news brands on the grounds that it is obliged to serve licence fee payers in those areas.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘The Bristol Post has been refused the right to name an Avon & Somerset Police officer who committed an act of gross misconduct “so serious he was sacked on the spot.”’ See:

Stephen Glover writes for the Mail Online: ‘How war over trans rights is killing free speech at ‘world’s most sanctimonious’ paper: An exodus of women writers amid bullying allegations.’ See:

Montage of newspapers Monday 14th November 2022

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