Journalism History Wednesday 14th December 2022

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Wednesday 14th December 2022

Review of UK papers. 14th Dec 2022. Broadsheets. Guardian: ’33 hours inside an NHS on the brink’, FT: ‘Bailey warns No 10 on perils of going too far’, Telegraph: ‘Foxes and rats “gnawing at” mountain of mail’, & Times: ‘Lives are at risk, nurses’ leaders tell union chiefs.’

Review of UK papers. 14th Dec 2022. Tabloids. Metro: ‘Sunak’s migrant crackdown’, Mirror: ‘Nurses. We’re doing this for you,’ Star: ‘Border collie crashes car’, & Sun: ‘You’ve lost it Lynch.’

Review of UK papers. 14th Dec 2022. Middle Markets. Mail: ‘Rishi- I’ll fix “appalling” asylum farce’, Morning Star: ‘”Ministers must act now to fix broken Britain”‘, i: ‘Pontins revolt. Tory backlash’, & Express: ‘Can we have our country back, please.’

Review of world papers. 14th Dec 2022. Star South Africa: ‘”How Bejani plans to buy Nasrec”‘, Global Times: ‘China likely to roll out “4th shot” for seniors’, Jerusalem Post: ‘We are all Moroccons’, & Times of India: ‘China’s bid to “change status quo” on LAC thwarted.’

Celebration of photojournalism history. From George Bain news agency early 20th century photograph of head of Golden Eagle- classic American image and icon.

Golden Eagle. Bain News Service. US Library of Congress. Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ggbain-36536 (digital file from original negative) Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. For more information, see George Grantham Bain Collection – Rights and Restrictions Information(

Style Tips. Buzzfeed on ‘Western’- Capitalize for the film or book genre, but lowercase for the music genre. See: And WhatsApp: Use “send a WhatsApp message” rather than “send a WhatsApp.”

Media Law Tips. For positive UK precedent on open justice keep in mind S (a child), Re [2004] UKHL 47 (28 October 2004) at: Lord Steyn ruling countered risk of serious impoverishment of ‘public discussion of criminal justice.’

Guardian’s Media Editor, Jim Waterson reports: ‘Harry and Meghan’s fight with tabloid bosses rivals the one with royals. Unmentioned in Netflix series is how UK media figures could be dragged into legal proceedings.’ See:

Kathleen Stock writes for UnHerd (9th December 2022): ‘Is The Guardian sowing disinformation? From trans to Kanye, the paper is infantilising readers.’ See:

Tanya Gold writes for UnHerd: ‘Why Prince Harry went to war. He chose a woman he thought would set him free…The response from the media — many of whom are being sued by the prince — has been negative.’ See:

‘US Journalist Grant Wahl who died at the World Cup press box on Saturday was not the target of foul player which had been claimed by his brother Eric.’ See: &

‘Magic Breakfast — a charity supported by The Times and Sunday Times Christmas Appeal — is helping feed deprived school pupils with a healthy start to the day.’ See: &

Times obituary (behind paywal) ‘Victor Lewis-Smith. Satirist, broadcaster and reviewer for the Evening Standard whose anarchic style included hoax phone calls to celebrities.’ See:

‘The Society of Professional Journalists USA has condemned the arrest of Scioto Valley Guardian Editor-in-Chief Derek Myers and the seizure of his equipment.’ See: &

‘Filipino journalist Frank Cimatu has been convicted of cyber libel which human rights groups described as a setback to press freedom.’ See: &

‘Florida journalist faces kidnapping and other charges over treatment of her 88-year-old mother.’ See: &

‘Google News Initiative is partnering with Bastion Transform to launch a series of newsroom experiments to support innovation and trusted journalism.’ See: &

‘The number of journalists jailed around the world has set yet another record in 2022 according to today’s report by The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).’ See: &

‘William (Bill) McAteer MBE, has died aged 95 after becoming a newspaper editor, university lecturer & historian of the Seychelles.’ See: &

‘FIFA has opened books of condolence for journalists Khalid al-Misslam, Roger Pearce & Grant Wahl who all died while world cup was happening in Qatar.’ See: &

North American newspapers 14th December 2022

Guardian media reports: ‘Funding cuts mean BBC can’t compete with Netflix, says watchdog. BBC technology lagging behind rivals owing to strong competition for staff and years of funding cuts.’ See:

Guardian reports: “Freddie Flintoff recovering after Top Gear crash, says Piers Morgan. Friend and fellow broadcaster says former England cricketer will be OK after ‘pretty serious crash.’” See:

Guardian media reports: ‘Harry and Meghan becomes Netflix’s biggest documentary debut yet. In lead-up to second batch of three episodes, streaming service reveals first part racked up 81.55m viewing hours around the world.’ See:

Guardian & Associated Press report: ‘US soccer journalist Grant Wahl died of heart aneurysm at World Cup. Wahl, 49, was stricken while covering World Cup in Qatar.’ See:

Zoe Williams argues in Guardian: ‘Mick Lynch is right – the BBC has swallowed the anti-strike agenda of the Daily Mail.’ See:

French newspapers 14th December 2022

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A silverware collection owned by a regional press proprietor has sold at auction for £123,000. The collection belonged to Sir Ray Tindle.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘Northern Ireland court reporter Tanya Fowles has won another court fight to name a defendant who demanded lifetime anonymity on the grounds that they could self-harm.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘A cricketer who spoke out against racism has blamed a regional daily’s coverage of the issue for him and his family having to flee the country.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘Mediahuis has announced the Northern Ireland edition of the Dublin-based Sunday Independent has ceased publication.’ See:

Hold The Front Page eports: ‘Ofcom gives green light to BBC expansion despite regional press hostility.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Number of journalists jailed in 2022 rose 13% to record 533, RSF says. Despite the war in Ukraine, RSF said fewer journalists died there than in Mexico this year.’ See:

PA Media & Press Gazette report: ‘Protections needed for journalists after Just Stop Oil protest arrests, Parliament told. A former editor said “something is fundamentally wrong with our justice system” if journalists are being arrested.’ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Yorkshire Post accused of “campaign to discredit” cricket racism whistleblower. Yorkshire Post editor James Mitchinson hit back at accusations his paper “provided the voice for the racist.”‘ See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘Pink News tackles news avoidance with positive news filter. The LGBTQ+ brand has added an “uplifting” news feature to its new app.’ See:

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