Journalism History Thursday 15th December 2022

Review of UK and world papers, celebration of the history of photojournalism, media law and style-guide tips and global journalism stories for Thursday 15th December 2022

Review of UK papers 15th Dec 2022. Broadsheets. FT: ‘Tragedy at sea. Deaths deepen Channel crisis’, Guardian: ‘Scathing report condemns police for “victim blaming”‘, Telegraph: ‘Damage of nurses’ strikes “will get worse”‘, & Times: ‘4 dead after migrant dinghy sinks.’

Review of UK papers 15 Dec 2022. Middle Markets. Mail: ‘Cancer care at risk as nurses strike’, Morning Star: ‘”Braverman must resign”‘, Express: ‘Give nurses a deal and stop this madness’, & i: ‘Please help us- desperate plea from sinking migrant boat.’

Review of UK papers 15 Dec 2022. Tabloids. Mirror: ‘We are with you’, Star: ‘Critters enjoying Royal Mail strike’, Sun: ‘£5000 ticket to death’, & Metro: ‘Just on her walk home.’

Review of world papers. Daily Telegraph Australia: ‘Cop killers’ bizarre bond- Lethal love triangle’, Haaretz Israel: ‘Police chief warns Ben-Gvir over new law’ Gulf News: ‘Fed raises rate by 50 bps, says more to come’ & New York Times: ‘Beijing- “No one dares to come out.”‘

Celebration of the history of photojournalism. Portfolio of photographs by George Bain news agency of Polish harpsichordist and pianist Wanda Landowska (1879-1959). Taken early 20th century.

Style Tips. Strunk and White ‘Elements of Style’ advise ‘Put statements in positive form. Make definite assertions. Avoid tame, colourless, hesitating, noncommittal language. Use the word not as means of denial or in antithesis, never as a means of evasion.’

Media Law Tips. Jewish Chronicle’s obituary on Associated Press media lawyer Eddie Young. See:…/obituary-eddie-young…. A reminder of when and how media lawyers promote freedom of the press and media.

North American newspapers 15th December 2022

‘Twitter’s newly revised “Private information and media policy” now forbids users from sharing “live location information.”‘ See:

‘National Audit Office (NAO) says BBC was struggling with a shortage of specialist tecnicians in which one in four had quit in the last year.’ See: &

‘Journalist in Kurdish-majority Bitlis province detained after writing that a 14-year-old girl had allegedly been sexually abused by men including police officers & soldiers.’ See: &

‘The mother of an Irish teenager who died by suicide has described the use of her son’s image in an anti-vaccine publication as “disgusting.”‘ See: &

‘Eight Afghan journalists who worked for BBC & other British media are challenging British government’s refusal to relocate them.’ See: &

‘Maria Ressa’s new book traces her humbling journey from social media advocate to democracy defender in just a few years.’ See: &

‘Ofcom has preliminarily accepted requests from the BBC to make cuts to their radio output.’ See: &

Guardian reports: ‘Ministers accused of unlawfully denying Afghan journalists UK visas. Ben Wallace and Suella Braverman ‘turned their back’ on former BBC journalists who are in danger, high court told.’ See:

Guardian obituary: ‘Victor Lewis-Smith- Prolific critic, columnist and all-round cultural disruptor through his TV programmes, reviews and radio shows.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Royal households accused of ‘war against Meghan’ to protect palace. Duchess’s lawyer claims palace encouraged negative stories about the Sussexes to benefit other royals.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Washington Post chief announces job cuts – and refuses to answer questions. Publisher Fred Ryan described as ‘embarrassing’ after walking out of meeting following revelation that up to 250 jobs could be lost.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Meta warns spyware still being used to target people on social media. Facebook owner says companies are adapting and changing tactics in face of efforts to shut down activities.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘First Turkish journalist arrested under ‘disinformation’ law. Sinan Aygül, a journalist in Kurdish-majority Bitlis province, was detained after tweeting about alleged sexual abuse.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘TikTok self-harm study results ‘every parent’s nightmare.’ Research suggests algorithm promotes self-harm and eating disorder content within minutes of interest being shown.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Twitter suspends account monitoring Elon Musk’s flight paths. Musk had vowed to allow @ElonJet to post but then declared accounts that listed real-time location data would be suspended.’ See:

Arab News and Reuters report: ‘In a first, Turkish court arrests journalist under “disinformation” law.’ See:

Arab News reports: ‘US Twitter influencers charged with $114m stock manipulation scheme.’ See:

Arab News reports: ‘Palestinian journalists reel from attacks by Israeli forces.’ See:

French newspapers Thursday 15th December 2022

Press Gazette reports: “‘God bless us, every one!’: UK news publishers helping staff with cost of living revealed. Eleven UK news publishers have given staff cost of living payments.” See:

Press Gazette reports: ‘With 16m listens, Telegraph’s daily podcast shows UK audience still wants to hear about Ukraine. The Telegraph’s Ukraine: The Latest is the UK’s only remaining daily audio offering about the war.’ See:

Press Gazette interview feature: “How former Politico staffers turned Punchbowl News into $10m business in crowded market. ‘I think a lot of people thought we were a little crazy,’ Palmer told the Future of Media Explained podcast.” See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘Former editor writes dystopian debut novel set in the places where he has lived and worked. Aaron Gransby’s ‘Outside’, published in hardback by Gerard Books, aims to “make people think a bit about where our society is heading.”’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: ‘Court mum goes to IPSO over story despite news site keeping her identity secret.’ See:

Hold The Front Page reports: reports: ‘Yorkshire Post editor slams lack of right of reply over regional daily racism claims.’ See:

Times of Israel reports: ‘UN Palestinian rights official’s social media history reveals antisemitic comments.’ See:

Guardian reports: ‘Stress of legal action against Mail on Sunday caused Meghan’s miscarriage, Harry claims.’ See:

Montage of newspapers 15th December 2022

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