Anderson Street

Second World War

Although the date of the incident is unclear during the blitz of 1940-41 two incendiary bombs fell in the road opposite number 2 Anderson Street and on the roof of its shelter.

On 16th April 1941 an incendiary bomb fell on the roof of nummber 15 and on the 8th March 1941 two incendiary bombs were recorded falling into the road.

B1E 1 kg incendiary aircraft bomb B1E 1 kg incendiary aircraft bomb © IWM (MUN 3291)

I have some affection for this street because it was here my parents were living before leaving for East Africa in 1953. They were bound for Mombasa in Kenya on the passenger ship SS Mulbera of the B.I.S.N (British India Steam Navigation Company) part of the P & O shipping line.

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