Index to Chelsea History and Studies

The digital index of postings in Chelsea History and Studies

Roads, streets, terraces, places, gardens, courts, walks, squares, rows, mewses, gates, lanes, groves, avenues, etc


Albert Bridge

Alpha Place

Anderson Street

Apollo Place

Ashburnham Road

Astell Street


Basil Street

Battersea Bridge

Beaufort Street (including Beaufort Mansions)

Bifron Street

Blacklands Terrace

Botanic Gardens

Bramerton Street

Bray Place

Britten Street

Burnaby Street

Burnstall Street

Burton Court

Bury Walk

Bywater Street


Cadogan Gardens

Cadogan Gate

Cadogan Lane

Cadogan Pier

Cadogan Place

Cadogan Place

Cadogan Square

Cadogan Street

Cale Street

Callow Street

Carlye Square

Caversham Street

Chelsea Bridge Road

Chelsea Creek

Chelsea Embanment

Chelsea Harbour

Chelsea Manor Gardens

Chelsea Manor Street

Chelsea Part Gardens

Chelsea Rectory

Chelsea Square

Cheltenham Terrace

Chesham Street

Cheyne Gardens

Cheyne Row

Cheyne Walk

Christchurch Street

Clabon Mews

Clivedon Place

Coulson Street

Cremorne Road

Culford Gardens


Danvers Street

Dartrey Road

Denyer Street

Dilke Street

Donne Place

Dovehouse Street

Draycott Avenue

Draycott Place

Draycott Terrace

Duke of York’s


Eaton Place

Eaton Place West

Eaton Terrace

Edith Grove

Edith Terrace

Ellis Street

Elm Park Park Gardens

Elm Park Lane

Elm Park Road

Elystan Place

Elystan Street

Embankment Gardens


Fernshaw Road

First Street

Flood Street

Flood Walk

Franklin’s Row

Fulham Road


Gertrude Street

Glebe Place

Godfrey Street

Grove Buildings

Gunter Grove


Halsey Street

Hans Crescent

Hans Place

Hans Road

Harriet Walk

Hasker Street

Henniker Mews

Hobery Street

Holbein Place

Hortensia Road


Ives Street

Ixworth Place


Jubilee Places


King’s Road


Lacland Place

Lamont Road

Langton Street

Lawrence Street

Lennox Gardens

Lennox Mews

Limerston Street

Lincoln Street

Lower Sloane Street

Lots Road

Lowndes Square

Lowndes Street

Lucan Place

Luna Street


Makins Street

Mallord Street

Manresa Road

Margaretta Terrace

Markham Square

Markham Street

Marlborough Street

Meek Street

Milman’s Steet

Milner Street

Moore Street

Mossop Street

Mulberry Walk


Netherton Grove


Oakley Crescent

Oakley Street

Old Church Street

Orford Street

Ormonde Gate

Ovington Street


Paradise Walk

Park Walk

Paultons Square

Paultons Street

Pavilion Road

Petyt Place


Phene Street

Pond Place

Pont Street

Pont Street Mansions


Raasay Street

Radnor Walk

Ranelagh Gardens

Rawlings Street

Redesdale Street

Royal Avenue

Royal Hospital

Royal Hospital Road

Rysbrack Steet


St. Leonard’s Terrace

St. Loo Avenue

St. Luke’s Street

Seaton Street

Shalcomb Street

Shawfield Street

Slaidburn Street

Sloane Avenue

Sloane Court East

Sloane Court West

Sloane Gardens

Sloane Square

Sloane Street

Sloane Terrace

Smith Street

Smith Terrace

South Parade

Sprimont Place

Stackhouse Street

Stadium Street

Stewart’s Grove

Swan House

Swan Walk

Sydney Street

Symons Street


Tadema Road

Tedworth Square

Tetcott Road

Tite Street

Town Hall

Turk’s Row

Tryon Street


Upcerne Road

Upper Cheyne Row

Uverdale Road


Vale, The

Vicat Street


Walpole Street

Walton Place

Walton Street

Wandon Road

Wellington Square

Westbourne Street

West Eaton Place

Whithead’s Grove

Whittaker Street

Woodfall Street

Schools, Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities of Chelsea

Special buildings and houses

Turner’s House 119 Cheyne Row

Fiction about Chelsea

Non fiction about Chelsea

Films and television programmes about Chelsea

Radio programmes about Chelsea

Stage drama about Chelsea

Poems about Chelsea

Songs about Chelsea

Maps of Chelsea

Shops, stores and businesses of Chelsea

Isaac T. Lloyd Chemist and Pharmacist King’s Road Chelsea

Churches, synagogues, temples and mosques in Chelsea

Chelsea Old Church (All Saints)

Christ Church

Church of Holy Redeemer

St John’s

St James’

St Luke’s

Statues and monuments of Chelsea

Local government in Chelsea

Pubs and Inns of Chelsea

Sport, teams, baths, and playing grounds

MPs of Chelsea

Police stations of Chelsea

Ambulance and Fire Stations of Chelsea

Libraries of Chelsea

Manresa Road

Chelsea Old Town Hall

Theatres and cinemas of Chelsea

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