Radio Plays by Angela Carter

The writer Angela Carer (1940 – 1992) is a much studied, celebrated and appreciated novelist, short story writer, poet, and journalist, who also wrote five significant radio plays produced by the BBC.

Her writing is recognised for feminist, magical realism, and picaresque styles and genres.

Her actual name was Angela Olive Pearce, formerly Carter, née Stalker.

Her radio plays have been published in book form and include: Vampirella (1976) directed by Glyn Dearman for the BBC and formed the basis for the short story ‘The Lady of the House of Love’; Come Unto These Yellow Sands (1979); The Company of Wolves (1980) adapted by Carter from her short story of the same name, and directed by Glyn Dearman for BBC; and Puss-in-Boots (1982) adapted by Carter from her short story also directed by Glyn Dearman for BBC; and A Self-Made Man (1984).

Emily Best of Birkbeck College, University of London has academically reviewed and analysed Vampirella for RadioDoc Review in 2021.

See: Abstract- ‘Angela Carter wrote Vampirella, her first of five works for radio, in 1976. The play serves as a sequel to Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula (1897) where the vampire’s final descendent is a countess trapped in a castle, whose mythology is pitted against the rational thought of the early twentieth century. Gothic horror (and also much of Carter’s work) is often concerned with the violation and deconstruction of bodies. In this essay I explore how Carter uses the radio’s existing deconstruction of bodies to evoke something surprisingly visceral.’

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